Nominations For “5 Things” Daily Challenge!

Hello blogging land, Best-blogging-community.jpg

To finish my “5 Things” daily challenge for 20 days – I will be nominating my favourite fellow bloggers to join in and let their active regular readers (such as myself) get to know them more!

What is “5 Things” about?
Basically, for 20 days you will be uploading a post with 5 answers about what the daily caption is. For example, “5 Favourite foods” and then you will answer with 5 favourite foods and why. That’s all you need to do and it helps your readers get to know you more!

Daily Challenge List:
Day 1: 5 Things About Me
Day 2: 5 Things That I Can’t Live Without
Day 3: 5 Things That I Can Live Without
Day 4: 5 Pet Peeves
Day 5: 5 Things That I Love About People
Day 6: 5 Things On My To Do List
Day 7: 5 Fears
Day 8: 5 Places I Want To Visit
Day 9: 5 Favourite Hobbies
Day 10: 5 Favourite Celebrities (Authors, Actors or Actresses etc.)
Day 11: 5 Favourite TV Series
Day 12: 5 Favourite Foods
Day 13: 5 Favourite Drinks
Day 14: 5 Reasons Why I Started Writing
Day 15: 5 Inspirations
Day 16: 5 Things That Have Stuck With Me
Day 17: 5 Favourite Quotes
Day 18: 5 Reasons To Be Happy
Day 19: 5 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25 (Side note: if you are older than 25 set any desired age)
Day 20: 5 Aims For My Blog And Why
*** Then nominate your favourite bloggers to join in! ***

My Nominations:



So, they are my nominations – I had a few go to through but I’m pretty happy with leaving it at these few bloggers. Have a look through their blogs and appreciate the hard work that they put into it all!

Nominated bloggers – please note that you don’t have to participate. I merely would just like to reach out to you all to welcome you to give it a go.

Update: You don’t need to be nominated to do it. Just grab it and run with it!

I hope you all have fun – I will see you in my next post!




  1. Dear friend

    I am going to participate 🙂

    In the course of this day I going to find time to give answers for the 1st day.
    Is it ok, if I place the answers in my blog – or you want me to place them in your blog?

    Thanks, for nominating me and have a good time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Participation! I am so excited, this is great. Of course – Definitely place your posts on your blog just as you normally would. That helps it so that your readers can easily access your post and be able to give you the recognition (like/comment) as they would like to. I will be actively liking/commenting every day as you go to support you – I genuinely look forward to reading your posts to come. Good luck! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear friend,

    It is likely that I will miss some days to answer as I am going to travel to Middle Europe in 5 days. The trip will last 10 days and I cannot promise that I will find time or always have internet connection – but certainly I will do my best and whenever it is possible – also during the travel time – I am going to post the answers.

    Surely you will have understanding for it 🙂

    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

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