Personality Test, Apartment Cleaning, Diabeetus? What?

Hello blogging land,

So yesterday while my partner and I were supposed to be packing, we actually got stuck into a personality test after watching a funny YouTube video – somehow things fell into place and we ended up Googling personality tests and ran with it.

The crazy thing is, the test was beyond accurate. It was fascinating how it worked out, but it was so interesting as well to have a “romantic read about yourself”.

I want you all to give it a go, just because it was so awesome. So awesome that I had to make an entire blog post dedicated to it. This is some serious shit! Link! Let me know what personality you guys end up with and if it’s accurate for you. I mean, it could have only been spot on 2/10 times. So, let me know! Burst my bubble or make it bigger – who knows!

It’s funny that almost everyone loves to do quizzes, we love being quizzed and getting to the end result. I remember I used to do the Hogwarts sorting hat quiz to find out what you would be. Is it bad that I always got Slytherin? Where did my nose go?

Anyway, today I have been scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom because tomorrow morning at 9AM we will be grabbing our moving van to load up before the steam cleaner arrives at 2:30PM to make the leftover cat biscuits on the floor from my cats food bowl all nice and steam cleaned for us to offer to our cat when we get him from the cattery before we take off on our 10 hour drive! Yes, I know I keep saying this and talking about what is happening this week – get off ‘ma back! I’m excited. I have to repeat myself leave me alone!

Now that I have mentioned my cat I get to ramble about him. I miss him so much! Last night was so rough without him. It felt dangerous sticking our feet out of the duvet last night, usually my cat will attack any flesh exposed from the blankets. It was saucy without him, we felt like we were doing something that we shouldn’t be doing. It was also weird closing the bathroom door during the day today, I usually leave it open because he meows at the door if I close him out, he and I usually have our scheduled bathroom gossip time together. He is the best company, I can’t wait to pick him up from the cattery on Thursday morning. He’s going to be grumpy and hate us but I will take what I can get from him. The moods, the scratches, the bites, the cuddles – all of it. I love him to pieces. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady – to one beautiful boy!

I didn’t have lunch today until literally 3PM, I went around to two different cafes up the street and they said their kitchen was closed. Guuuurl please, it’s the city and it’s still sunny – why you gotta close yo’ kitchen for?! That confused me, anyway, I left with a stomach grumbling and sad and went up the road and got a weird teenager/man child to make me a delicious sandwich and green tea. He happily sandwich/tea made listening to his sick beats while texting away. Invigorating time for the both of us.

So, I eventually made it home and nommed in the corner of the lounge room surrounded by mess and boxes but it had a patch of sun and it was lovely. The tea was amazing, btw. We all know I love my tea.

I don’t want you to all panic, but I have eaten lots of my Easter chocolate already and I can feel my diabeetus levels creepin’ up on me. It’s dangerous territory but chocolate is so darn delicious.

Well, I’m lying on my mattress that’s on the floor (only place to sit in the apartment now besides the carpet) and my partner is on his way home from his last day at work. I’m very, very proud of him. He has been doing so well at a job that makes him unhappy, and he managed to hang in there so that we haven’t gone without as we make our move out of Sydney. I couldn’t be more proud.

I will wrap this up here on that note! I’m sure I will find time to chat with you all tomorrow and catch you up on what happens, it’s a big day tomorrow. Pick up van, load van, carpets cleaned, sleep – then we are off to get le cat (YAY) and then next stop is to Melbourne! EeeeeeEeeeEeee! Obviously we need to drop the keys off
too, but my cat and Melbourne sound more exciting. Ehehehehehe.

See you soon!



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  1. HeHe.. That was sweet. (You know what I mean 😉 ) And I took the quiz, I got ‘Mediator’ and I have a feeling you would have got the same. 😛

    I googled the distance between Sydney and Melbourne and it is approx 900 Kms.
    Have a happy and safe journey! 🙂


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