Take More Effort With Them – The Push You Need

Remember when they asked if you could watch that movie with them months ago, and it’s become that thing that gets brought up that you say you will do with them – but another day? 

I’ve noticed myself do that a lot, not just in my relationship but even with others around me. Sometimes it’s either not the time to do it, or you just push it back later for no real reason. 

A problem in relationships that I believe become a major downfall is when you:

A) Don’t listen to them properly with true meaning 


B) Don’t take interest in what they are doing 

I believe getting involved with your partner, take interest in what they are doing and nature what their interests are. Whether that be by purchasing things to encourage them do what they love if it requires purchases, or even ask if they would like to show you how or why they do what they do and maybe show you what to do so you can get involved too. It strengthens your bond or may even create a bond that you haven’t experienced before. 

The longer you are with someone, the less you stop trying. People believe that they try, and don’t take that step back to see if they truly are trying – or to consider even trying harder. 

There is a reason why you are with that person, you have to take in consideration their interests and hobbies. They are a living human being too, they aren’t just your partner. They function the same way that you do. 

Maybe you can show them what you like to do, what inspires you and what makes you happy as well. You could turn it into a new routine, one day on a weekend you take charge on what you both do – whether it’s to do something that you like or show them something you really want to do and get them involved. Then the weekend after, you rotate and it is their turn. 

Remember, get involved. It’s not hard. It shows you care. 


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