Take Note Of The Little Things

Hey guys,

Taking note on the little things is so important. You can get so wrapped up in the larger scale of things that you don’t even realize what you are missing out on every single day.

When your mind is set on a path of “Why isn’t this happening? Why aren’t I going anywhere?” You need to remember that every single thing you are doing will take time.

If it’s worth doing, you need to let life take its course before you get frustrated with yourself. You are in control, but life also needs to catch up.

Appreciate the little things people do for you, whether that be asking how you are going or even just giving you a smile throughout your day.

I for one have gotten very lucky in a reasonable amount of weeks after a hard yarn of troubles, and I still am thankful – so very thankful. But it has made me realise how great it feels to actually appreciate things in a positive light, rather than looking at the negatives of everything and anything. When you cancel out the negativity, you can definitely notice an absence – it’s like a another person in your mind, a being, it has its own entity over you. But once you gradually stop listening, it’s a whole new place to be.

Jess ☕️


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