Taking Opportunities + Making Memories

Hey all,

I thought I would like to share some motivation and positivity your way.

A few moments ago, I just watched a video where 100+ year old men and women shared their life experience with viewers and what they believe is keeping them going. It is nice to think that you can be alive to see the world grow at that certain age and above. They have outlived their family, they are left inside their minds with what their life once was. The most important information that I found was that they all had memories that brought smiles across their faces.

For example, one gentleman said when he was in his adolescent years he would stay up all night until morning by his radio listening to jazz tunes and being completely taken away into a different world. Another example, one lady said she talks to memories of her family as she walks down the street and she said people must think she is absolutely bonkers but no – she is talking to her children, her husband, the love that surrounds her. Her family is the very air that she breathes.

The beauty about living and being you is that you have memories. You can relive scenarios in your very mind, as if you were right back there. You can feel the love that you felt. Scents can bring back memories, visual locations, words, songs, anything. Memories are all around us, memories are who we are today. We are creations of our experiences. We are the story tellers of our own lives.

Next time a family member or a close friend invites you out for lunch, a movie, or even just a walk – say yes! Make those memories, collect as many as you can no matter how little or how irrelevant it sounds to you, because you never know what fantastic memories you could make. You aren’t making any memorable memories at home in front of the telly!

But at the same time, if you are a person like me and you are the kind of person that likes quiet moments in with a book, favourite music, good series on Netflix – going outside doesn’t sound that desirable. Yet, I always take the time every day (depending on the weather) to go for a walk by the park. Sometimes it is nice to spend time inside, but nothing beats a nice walk. I am yet to take a book with me outside, because the thought of trying to focus outside when I am surrounded by the beautiful nature around me – impossible! I like to do this with my partner as well, I feel like it is nice to catch up on the day and to have no distractions other than good conversation.

Some of the best memories I have in my life is when I haven’t had a second thought, and broken out of my anxiety barriers. I would put off seeing close friends all the time, because I didn’t want to put myself in harms way intentionally when I felt so safe and secure in my house. When I broke out of this, I have had the best and worst times and regardless of the worst times, they make fantastic stories to tell.

A message I have always had floating around in the back of my mind was when a lady who used to be a dancer was elderly and in care, she said she wants to turn back time and get back up to dance. She says she missed the freedom of being about to stand, walk around, and go up the street dancing to the sounds of life. For me, once I heard that, I have always tried to make the most of having a healthy body and get out there. Lazy days are always in order, but sometimes it is nice to stretch those legs and get out there. Or if you hear a nice new song, get up and have a little bit of a laugh and a jig to the music.

Remember, there are two kinds of people. Those who wait for an opportunity to take advantage of, and then there are those who create their own opportunities.

Make those memories, lavish moments and surround yourself with the deep love that lies around you. Even if those people around you don’t show it, take moments to feel it and carry that love with you.



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