That, That’s It

I know it is. I know that is it. Them. 

We all know these feelings too well. You know that moment of complete understanding? It feels as though everything you have been so unsure about that you have been doing, thinking, feeling or saying – seems to all piece together in a matter of seconds. 

That is what we all need to have more trust in. I know someone that is absolutely certain on one certain person, someone they have only spoke with a couple of times – acquaintances, but without fail every single day he will align his evening to place the opportunity to run into them again. I love that so much. 

I love when we have such desire for making things be a potential opportunity that we strategise our time wisely enough to see if it will happen. Aligning your time and choices to see if they will be there. Even if they aren’t there, we continue to do it – just in case. 

When I met my partner – there was no doubt in my mind of their serious involvement in my life. It hit me like a train. I just looked at them in the eyes, and I instantly felt a wave of importance. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know what came over me – but I couldn’t control it. I moved every single thing out of the way to make room for my partner because there wasn’t a single thing I could have in my way to make it not work. It wasn’t even a possiblilty that I wouldn’t pursue the opportunity, I couldn’t be more happier for it.

That feeling of absolute certainty for something or someone – there is hands down no greater feeling than it. When you know, you just know


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