The Beginning Of A New Journey

Hey everyone!

Well – it has been an interesting week that is for sure.


Last Monday, I was made redundant. Phew, there. I said it. The company in the city that I work/worked? for has decided to remove my position. Unfortunately, I not have any warning. There wasn’t any kind of ‘sit down’ meeting in advance, if you know what I mean. I found out by a fellow work colleague on the day that it was happening.

I guess it felt like everyone knew but me.

I found out at 4:35PM and I finished my shift at 5:00PM. My boss wasn’t around when I found out by a colleague. I could tell something was wrong throughout the day as my colleague was acting weird. He was incredibly nervous and he was talking to me way more gentle than he usually does (he usually can be quite a tough egg to be around). He eventually told me what was wrong, however I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t shocked at what he had to tell me.

Luckily when I found out, my boss had ducked out for a coffee. I still cannot decide if that was fantastic timing, or just incredibly bad timing.

I had less than thirty minutes to figure out what I was going to do with myself. My mind was racing. I was asking myself if I should just pack up my desk and walk out, or if I should keep asking my colleague questions about how, why and when they found out. Why wasn’t I told?

Instead, I sat with watery eyes and tried my best to not get upset. My palms were sweating with nerves.

I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything.

I guess in a wider picture it was lucky that my fiance and I were already talking of plans to relocate from Sydney to Melbourne. We have had the discussion on the cards since we very first met. A few factors were encouraging the thought process as well.

Within the last month our rent had been increased (Sydney is ridiculous, second most expensive location to live in – ugh). We weren’t a fan of how much they were expecting us to pay, so we thought why not start our plans of relocating now? Sydney is only going to become more expensive. We aren’t saving any money by living here.

Regardless, I sat completely unsure in what to do with myself. I had no time to calm myself down, I was too busy telling my fellow work colleague that it was okay and trying to calm THEM down let alone myself. Literally, they were in tears from telling me what was going to happen. I was soothing them and saying it doesn’t matter, it wasn’t like my life had just been turned upside down.

Within that half hour, my boss came back into the office. I stayed back a couple minutes to see if they wanted to pull me aside, which they didn’t. So, I just left. Awkwardly. Unsure of what to do with myself. Do I say “See ya tomorrow”? Which I didn’t, I just said bye and shuffled out awkwardly, as you do in that situation.

When I was leaving work, in the elevator my bosses personal assistant said “It was nothing personal” and “They make spontaneous decisions”, um, yeah, spontaneous alright…

I messaged my boss that evening to let him know that I was aware and he was thankful with my decision to not come back into the office. I didn’t want to humiliate myself, I guess. There was no sit down meeting, nothing professional. Just a text message, more or less just thanking me for saving them the hassle of the awkward conversation.

May I note to you all that I made this man his entire website from scratch, for free, with no strings attached. It was not even in my job position to do that for him. I went above and beyond for him. Throughout my employment there I was dealing with my mum being screened for major health concerns and it was incredibly stressful in my personal life however I never faltered with my work.

Moving forward, everything happens for a reason. I guess there was no greater kick in the right direction.

Ah, Melbourne.

What the hell are we going to do?img_1803-1

My fiance has decided he is going to be placing his resignation in this week. We are going to pack our boxes and get out of here. It won’t be easy, we have a hyper active cat that goes absolutely bonkers at the sight of a cat carrier.

Seriously, there was a fire evacuation alarm in my apartment building on Friday, that was when I learned his real cat-hulk-like strength when it came to the cat carrier. I gave up and decided I’ll just burn with him. Thankfully it was a false evacuation, phew.

Well there we have it. We are going to go to Melbourne and not look back! Let’s do this.

I will be keeping you all posted with the progress, you aren’t far behind on this all unravelling.

This will be one hell of a journey.


Speak soon!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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