The Isolation That Comes With Money

Hey guys,

How are we all? Hopefully going really well. It’s a nice cold morning over here – I have the heater on blast with my cat cuddled up on my chest! We are just about to clip into the long weekend and I cannot wait to have a nice sleep in.

Today I wanted to discuss with you all something that I have always strongly believed. I understand that you need money to survive in this day and age. You need to pay the bills, you need food and a roof over your head. It’s all good and well, however money will always be disposable. Money is just merely an item. It’s a object created by man. Currency has always been a thing, even back in the day if it wasn’t money it was trading of other objects. It’s something that unfortunately the world cannot function without.

However, money has such a toxic side to it. Money creates conflict, stress, distraught emotions and amongst all other things – greed. People become their own nightmares when it comes to money. People turn against their family, their friends, they turn against everyone.

On the other hand, people will suck up to those who have lots of money in the interest of getting themselves some of that money. It’s all about what they can offer. What they can give you. 

When people have a lot of financial comfort, they truly see how lonely they become over time. People give up because they have changed, or people may just use them for their belongings and their bank. It is all fake. Money doesn’t buy love. You can’t buy love, love is unconditional.

You should be with someone that will go through the hardest of times and come out with you on the other end. If you feel like if you truly had absolutely nothing, no belongings, no bank – and that they may not be there, don’t waste your time. Find someone who truly loves you.

If you have cheated your way into financial comfort by messing with the wrong kinds of people or followed the big dollar bills just for pure benefit, and will yet complain that no one is around you because you have chosen to turn against everyone, that was entirely your decision. You can’t dance with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell. People lose themselves.

People that have lots of money yet don’t donate to charities or put their money to any good and only materialistic items, they truly disappoint me! There are these rich, rich, rich people that will put up donation campaigns for the average family to put siantions towards, yet if they donated a fantastic amount to that campaign (which wouldn’t even add a dent to their bank) – the problem would be solved!

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer – it’s crazy. It would be amazing to see more people donating that are celebrities and see people coming down to earth.

Money isn’t everything. The bigger the bank the more you lose your humanity. I truly believe the less money you have, the more you appreciate what you do have and the happier you are.

Speak soon!



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