The Recipe To Minimalism

tumblr_nsdz2fn1eO1uu9fqho1_500Hey guys!

Here are some quick tips to have a minimalist environment around you. I find that less is more, especially in your living environment. When you aren’t overcrowded by belongings, your mind is fresher and you will notice you feel more organized in your day to day activities. It’s also a matter of simplifying your life.

When sorting through your belongings, please note that charities are a fantastic home for things that are not broken. I try to always purchase secondhand in regards to kitchen needs, shoes, clothing – you name it. Where I can, I would rather purchase those items secondhand and re-use what is known goods, rather than create more wastage by purchasing new. I love giving secondhand items a new home to come to.

When my partner and I were moving from Sydney to here in Melbourne, we were incredibly strict and only brought essentials. We managed to fit our entire life in only a few boxes, I would like to share with you some nice tricks to make this a possibility for you in your life as it is highly beneficial.

You don’t understand how little items you need to have a happy, simple and healthy life. We hold onto all of these belongings for little purpose, for the reasoning of “just in case I need it one day” – when really, you will never ever be using it. It is so invigorating removing yourself from these belongings and truly only having your essentials.

Here are some hot tips:

Clothing –
Do the “If I haven’t worn this in a year, chuck it out” trick, however, also add a maximum of what you want to end up with in total. For example, two jeans maximum. I have done this, and it has worked spectacularly. With t-shirts, you can be a little bit more lenient, if you have band shirts that are important (e.g. signed and special) this can bypass the rule however be mindful of the spare shirts etc., create an ideal number that would be suitable.

Keep in mind, if you are on top of washing you do not need to have 10+ shirts, because it’s excessive and you won’t even remember what kind of shirts you have back there. Have a rotation method going on for your favourite shirts, and stay on top of it. When it rips, tears, or is worn out – replace it, of course.

Just try to ignore that voice in your head saying you need 5 different colours of the same shirt, choose your favourite colour that you actually wear or can match with other items and say goodbye to the rest by donating those shirts.

Socks and shoes –
If you have multiple socks that don’t even have it’s partner in crime anymore, they do need to go. I don’t know if you’ll be finding the lost partner in crime of the two any time soon. The ones with holes, stretches, rips, thread ripping – let them go. A nice tip will be to have two black sock pairs and two white sock pairs and then rotate from there. It keeps you on top of the washing, and it will also help you to change your socks!

With your shoes, have one pair for work, one pair for going out (that is comfortable and something you like wearing), joggers and thongs. The essentials for your occasions, basically. Try to not have multiples for “eh, I don’t know” or multiples for going out etc., you don’t need it.

Kitchen needs –
To be honest, my partner and I have had an eye opening experience with kitchen supplies. We don’t use fancy knives, forks or spoons – we use the simplest cutlery when we have options to choose from fancier ones, we just don’t want to use them. We rotate the same cutlery, reuse the same two cups, use one plate for our morning toast (we share the plate, we don’t like having separate plates – it’s kind of cute) and have our dinner plates and bowls. We use it all like clockwork, we don’t use the huge amount of supplies that we actually have – we don’t usually cater to guests either.

We have managed to survive without a toaster for almost over 4 months now. We use the sandwich press, it does the same job so we can make pressed sandwiches and toast using the same tool. It works like a gem, if anything, it makes better toast and it’s more efficient.

We use our pressure cooker to make soups, cook chicken, rice, everything – we use it for multiple cooking purposes and it’s all, again, in the same kitchen supply. It minimizes the need for extra pans, pots and other supplies.

Have a good look at your kitchen and rethink if you need as many options as you have, when you donate these supplies I can guarantee you that they will disappear. Majority of the mugs in my kitchen are from secondhand supplies, soon to be all of the mugs in the kitchen!

Other essentials and tips –
My partner and I have been without a proper set of wardrobes since our move, a coffee table, bathroom basin storage, a kitchen table (we don’t have any bench space, quite literally, our house is very old which is why it is so beautiful), storage space or anything! We have one linen press and that is absolutely it for storage. We have used the linen press to use as multipurpose – we have our clothes and linen sharing the space. We have lined the hallway with our shoes, and the rest such as our books are lined along the fireplace with our games and precious pieces. We have a basket for our spare bathroom needs under the bathroom sink, and that is pretty much it.

You don’t need excessive storage space, I have come to realize this in our move. We originally panicked when it came to moving in here, realizing we have no storage space. However, as we adapted to living here, it became less of a priority.

We literally have managed our space with our belongings so well that we do not desperately need storage space. Adaption is a wild thing, you will slowly move away from what you believe is essential in life or from what you have been taught to focus on in living details.

We are incredibly happy and satisfied with what we have. It may not be much, but it is home. It’s enough for us. We feel better than we ever have, this is truly such a freeing feeling.

I remember as we were moving, letting go of belongings that we couldn’t bring with us and when parting with things it feels like you are losing a part of you – when really you are creating more space for your everlasting happiness.

Material belongings will not satisfy you for long, purchasing goods and spending money on items that you feel will fill that void inside you is not worth it.

Hang onto those extra dollars, save it for food to go into your tummies and for the roof over your head and embrace not surrounding yourself with materialistic needs!

Be happy and let go!

Speak soon,



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