The Two Different Kinds Of People You Can Meet

Hey everyone,

A thought has continually been lingering around and finding its way into my mind, only now I have decided to give in and I finally put it down and write about it. If you are a believer in the ability to connect with people on a level deeper than just verbal connection – you will find this easier to read and grasp.

In life, you come across so many different individuals and they will blow you away in different ways. Whether this be that they are so incredibly smart, funny, musically gifted, they can paint a thousand words in colours not letters or maybe they are just such a huge dickhead that you are astounded by their ability to be that much of a dickhead.

Sometimes you will find those special people. Those ones that can make your heart pound faster than if you were running, where they can bring tears to your eyes from joy and laugh so hard that you could pull off being an athlete with those kind of abs. The thing is though, we misunderstand what token they are bringing into your life. Are they bringing you excitement, energy, fun and passion? Or are they bringing you relaxation, passion and ease?

People seem to be under the belief that love has to be exhilarating. To be with someone that you are constantly on your toes for with the games that they play and that you have those rushes of passion that end in tears from arguments until it cycles over again. It is never constant, it’s continually a cycle of emotions and it keeps you on edge. People believe that this is love, the excitement and simulating a cat chasing a mouse.

As you age, you realize that this is not the life you would like to lead. This is where people grow out of the excitement and the rush, they want to “settle” and find someone they can unwind with. I want to show people that it is not worth wasting your time with these kinds of people, if you are still wired to believing that the rush and the excitement is love – you are looking in the wrong place.

The kind of person that you come across in your lifetime (that you want to come across) is the person you can stand still with for a moment. The one that you can relax with, right-way-wrong-way1unwind from a busy/stressful day with and be at ease. The kind of person you don’t feel pressured to continually speak with, someone that you worry you might bore, someone that you feel like you are constantly on your toes with disloyalty or distrust and the fear of not winning that chase. Don’t be the cat or the mouse. It is a waste of time. If you feel like you are supposed to feel or be a certain way to ensure they continually love you and want to be with you, that is all kinds of wrong. Love is not supposed to hurt, when you are constantly on edge and hurting because you are uncomfortable and at a loss on what to do or what not to do – That is not love.

Love is still and love is constant.

Being uneasy and on your toes is probably the worst feeling that any human being can feel. The feeling of losing someone you care about is unsettling and worrying, to be with someone who understands how you feel yet will toy with your emotions is not worth a moment of your time. When you find that one persons that will spend every day of their life nurturing your feelings and kissing your wounds as they come along in life – why would you want anything else? There is no greater feeling than falling asleep next to someone who strongly believes that they love you more than you love them and you return the same feeling – that you love them more than they love you, and you both will spend every day trying to prove it. It’s amazing. There is supposed to be nothing easier than being with them, you both should just be.. well, there. Together. Powering through life together – not because you have to be, but because you want to be. You chose to be.

The thing is though – the kind of connection when you can be your own individual and actually feel comfortable enough to mentally relax is unbelievable. To not be on guard, that takes a whole heap of trust. To be able to lye next to them as you are simply watching a movie and actually fall into a deep sleep is amazing – you can’t do that with just anyone. When you feel like you are in your own company when you are with them, that is the greatest thing.

There are different kinds of people in this world – don’t join in on the games, find someone to unwind with at the end of the day.

Speak soon,


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