“Those Stages” Of Dating

We all find ourselves in “those stages” of dating.

A) Drop your old habits that you don’t, you know, do around others let alone this crazily perfect person you are struggling to wrap your mind around that actually exists!

What? So I’m not going to die alone with 5,000 cats? Damn, there goes my Netflix and junk food binging while double chinning at my Instagram feed….

B) Cover up human things.. you know.. burping and scratching the inside of your nose.

Yes, I was justΒ scratching.. download

C) Wait until the perfect time to open up about guilty pleasures, when is the perfect time to say you went through a stage where all you would listen to was Michael Bublè carols from Halloween until Christmas.

Why do you find yourself low key wanting to do it again???

You get the point.

I have always found that those stages are the silliest and most fun parts when dating somebody. It’s like you hard the best parts of yourself just because you are worried they won’t accept it and find you incredibly weird. Although, everyone is weird in their own way.

One of the best times throughout dating is when one of your guilty pleasures are discovered but you realise it’s a mutual guilty pleasure.

Example, there is a song that you found you secretly loved. That song is incredibly catchy, but entirely embarrassing to enjoy. You and your date are quickly visiting the shopping centre and the song starts to play over the store speakers. In a flash, you both look at each other because you both recognise it. You both smile and together you both let loose and start singing to it together.

In that moment, it feels like your bond reaches the next stage just by being weird and silly together. It’s all a process of opening up, trusting that other person and growing together. It’s beautiful, it’s fun and one of the best things about dating!

Life is so fantastic, especially when you meet those special characters along the way.


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Twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, crazy cat and bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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