To Move Or To Not Move? (Correct Answer: You Should Move)

Good evening ladies and gents!

Get your wine, this is going to be saucy. This week in particular I have really thought about writing on this topic because I believe it is a really important situation to gather the right understanding on, not just for consideration but respect.

Now, what am I on about? Don’t laugh – but it’s public transport seats. I know, silly topic – but is it really? I am sure you and I both have a least once in our lifetime, given up our seat for someone to sit down. Take a moment and look back at how many times you haven’t, are you one of those people that will religiously give up your seat for another? Or are you one of those bastards that put their bag next to them so no one can sit down?

Can we take a moment and just curse at those bastards that put their bags deliberately next to them so that no one can sit down? Seriously, what is up with that. The train/bus/whatever is slowly becoming more and more busy, and they are aware of this and look out the window clueless like they have no bloody idea people are cursing them under their breaths. But hey, let’s give it up to those that will pull them out of their perfect bubble and tell them to move their bags so that they can sit. However, if you are anything like me and when it’s that early in the morning and you’re already not looking forward to dealing with assholes all day at work – you don’t want to start anything with anyone and just want to zombie along in the morning so you won’t say anything and just prefer to stand.

A whole other can of worms to open though, when there are no seats – I repeat – no seats, and a pregnant woman gets on the public transport or an elderly person/someone who has a pram/injury of some kind (e.g. walking support etc.) and no one will goddamn give up their seat for them. I have seen young kids to well knowing it’s wrong adults who will have eye contact with them and just ignore the fact they are being disrespectful and leaving them standing the whole way.

I can happily say even if I am not having a happy morning/afternoon, I will always give up my seat for others because some people you just do it for. You suck it up and wait until further seats are available, if you are healthy and kicking on strong – give up your damn seat.

No matter how many generations go by, respect will always be just as important as it ever has been. Now that people have discovered that everyone should be treated the same, they have forgotten the basics of respect. Just because you are a feminist, or a person who doesn’t believe in monogamy, a vegan, or just an asshole – doesn’t mean you are any better than your elders, a pregnant woman, or anyone else.


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