Toxic Vampires

Sometimes there comes a point in life where you need to let go of toxic vampires. What are toxic vampires? People that suck every single last drop of happiness that you have. People that will throw every single problem they have in their day at you, with every intention that you will stop what you are doing in your day to listen to them and pick them back up.

There is nothing wrong with needing someone to listen to your worries and there is nothing wrong with being there to listen to others worried – but there is a very clear line where it becomes overwhelming.

Not just for the party who listens, but for the toxic vampire too. You become their source that they rely highly on, and they forget that you need to grow in life as well.

It’s not a situation where you “don’t realize” it at the time, you know the situation is not healthy. You know you mentally are in a unhealthy pocket. It’s finding the balls to be able to turn them away and trust yourself – follow your sunshine.

In life there will always be pockets of trouble, and you are going to need to support yourself and those around you. How can you help those around you, when you aren’t even helping yourself? You can’t be someones crutch. You need to be stable yourself, and be a helping hand. Not their stability. As selfish as it sounds, it is the real life truth.

Don’t expect them to understand, because chances are you will become their source of frustration and sadness – they will find others to replace your position and you will be the source of bad news for a while. But in the end, you will thank yourself for being strong enough. Guarantee it.

Life is too short, surround yourself with those who want to see you do well and succeed, those who want to help you grow with a smile on your face.


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