Trusting Where Life Takes You

The most important thing in life is to maintain your safety barrier in the unknown. To trust in what happens to you in life is meant to happen for a soul purpose. Nothing is a mistake, absolutely nothing.

You acted, you thought, you felt for a reason.

Sometimes, mostly all the time – we never know why things happen or how we ended up where we are today. We have to go through the worst of the seas to get to the calm and the beautiful.

We are all here to assist one another to be in a better place. But remember, you don’t have to save everyone. You can’t blame yourself for ones choice or actions. That is not your responsibility.

Remember, you are here. Right here. On this earth, with a purpose. You can go anywhere, at any time.

You can decide tomorrow you want to go bungee jumping – why hold off for tomorrow? Go today.

You can decide you want to get that crazy puppy you saw earlier at the pound, go change you life and save one.

Don’t hold off on spontaneous plans that you want. Stop waiting for tomorrow – start today.

Jess ☕



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