Trusting Your Gut!

Hey guys,

The most important thing you can do in life is to trust your gut instinct. 

If your gut is telling you “No” about something – think of it like you are trying to take your dog out for a walk or if you are trying to move your cat and they are pressing their paws down and literally being like “Nope” (Best explanation I could think of) – that is what your gut is trying to do to you. The thing is though – your brain is a powerful thing, and it can overpower this emotion.

The hardest thing is distinguishing your gut over your anxiety. I truly believe that we all deal with anxiety, sometimes anxiety is stronger in others. It’s hard to know the difference between your gut and your anxiety because they both can feel like the same thing. Sometimes you are really anxious to do something and your body is telling you “No, no, no, no” and yet your gut is like “Yes, yes, yes, yes” and you can push through the anxiety and go along your merry way. But sometimes they can be in sync saying “No, yes, no, yes” and it is very hard to know what is what.

I have found that the best way is to control your anxiety first. Lower your breathing and find a safe space to be in, and listen to your thoughts. You may find that your gut is a lot clearer and is still saying “No, this isn’t right” or you will find your gut is making the sense clearer for you.

We don’t understand half of our capabilities because we only understand the smallest fraction of what the human brain is capable of. Unfortunately I don’t believe that drug use is the way of opening your mind, or practicing a fuck load of yoga. That isn’t the answer. We won’t be alive when that answer is found, it will most likely be something that we won’t find out – ever. However, what we can do is listen to ourselves and find out what works best for us. If cutting out caffeine helps your mind sound clearer to you and helps with your levels of anxiety – go for it. If lots of meditation does it for you – awesome! Do you. I just find that simple things to do in my day that isn’t dedicated to hours of my time to collect my thoughts actually helps me more, because I like to do this as I go (I can’t dedicate hours at a time for meditation) and meditation unfortunately doesn’t work for me personally, I’m a person that can’t switch my brain off and that’s just me.

You need to mentally register with yourself. Subscribe to your thought process. Hashtag your brain signals. Whatever you hip kids do out there – do it. You need to listen to yourself. Your gut knows what’s up.

As we grow in the industry of social media and technology – we are losing that human touch to ourselves. It won’t be long until our brains are put into robotic bodies and keeping us tick – age won’t even be recognisable at one point, for sure, and we will forget what it looks like to get wrinkles! Wrinkes is the best part, grin lines and frown lines – it helps kids recognise if you are a oldie to mess with or not. Keeping connected with your own thoughts and feelings is so important, we need to listen to our inner beings more than we like to let off.

We are wiser than we think – no one else can think for you. You truly are your own support network. It’s important to enhance what we have inside us and embrace it. We are so disconnected from our inner thoughts by spending hours just mindlessly texting, internet searching and filling our minds with other people’s lives and thoughts that they produce for the internet to maintain their likes and followers. Everyone is all so connected – yet not internally within themselves.

Embrace what you have! Become friends with yourselves again.

Speak soon!



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