Two Wrongs May Not Make A Right, But We Need To Put An End To Terrorism

I would say good morning, however I do not believe that it has been a good start to the morning.

I have been watching the news on repeat for a few hours this morning. I was waking up with my coffee and watching the news reporter talk about absolutely heartbreaking details of what has happened within the last 48 hours. You probably know what I am talking about, I’m talking about the terrorist attack in London – again. This is within the space of just a handful of days from what happened in Manchester.

I do not understand how we as an entire planet can just stand by and let these attacks continually happen. These days we are so used to preaching equality and having a heart for every man and his dog – however where is the line drawn?

How can we allow these devastating attacks continually happen and just merely have a “watch list” of these monsters and just quite literally baby sit them until they attack innocent civilians. It’s only a matter of time.

These monsters are following a belief that means they must eliminate non-believers. This religion is not a religion of peace. This is a religion of supporting and encouraging a blood bath. They are not humans, they do not deserve the right to be called a citizen of the world. They are the definition of monster.

There have been children who have lost their lives before they even got to experience their life to the fullest potential. We could have lost the most wonderful doctor that could have found the cure for cancer. We could have lost the most beautiful human being to spread happiness across every single person that they could have come across and helped those around them grow to into the best humans that they could be.

It is a real shame that we are standing by, keeping these monsters on watch lists, merely standing by monitoring them – that is not enough. We cannot wait for every attack to then arrest those potentially involved, how many innocent lives need to be taken to take action? Simply putting further officers on the street is not enough. We cannot control what people do behind the wheel, if a terrorist wants to run a muck on the streets where innocent victims are walking – they can do that. You can’t stop someone behind a wheel. They have weapons, we as citizens cannot have weapons on us as it is illegal (Even if we do have weapons, the attackers can just counter it with more weapons) – so, what do you do? Where are these monsters coming from? Who are these monsters involved with? Exactly.

We are allowing them into our countries. We are merely watching them walk around our streets, around our children – letting these children get influenced by their terror and injecting fear into their followers. It’s reckless and careless. Send these monsters back, send them away from our countries. They made their bed, go let them lie in it. Why sleep with the enemy?

This is merely my opinion. To be honest, I have had enough of watching the news and seeing so many lives lost. I really could not give a fuck about those that haven’t attacked anyone yet are continuing to follow the religion. If you can follow a religion that preaches this, and looks at these actions in a bright light – you are not a human being. Especially after absolutely everything that has unfolded within these last few months, all the lives that have been taken and all of the sadness that has been placed across the planet – if you can STILL follow this religion, I have absolutely no respect for you. Either unfollow it and join the unity of the planet and put a stop to this madness, or go follow your religion with your people away from the rest of us. Go back to your ‘home’ and see what your religion truly is. Go see what you are actually following. You have no common sense. You are a dark, sick individual. I cannot respect or trust a person who can follow such a religion like Islam. It is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of terror and pure evil. It is not okay. You can’t mind your own business and follow your religion in the respects of your own personal lives, because your religion is telling you go to destroy anyone who doesn’t fucking follow it!

I am all for equality, I have respected this situation long enough but this last attack is just enough. Enough is enough. We need to stop this. You cannot fight terror with fear, you cannot just stand aimlessly by while this continues to happen. Drastic changes have to be made, because this is just not going to “go away”. No more lives should be lost.

I do not want to fear for my family and my friends life. I should not have to be sincerely concerned for my partner on his way to work in the city because of the recklessness of these monsters. They are out on the streets, they are sitting near you on public transport with these thoughts in their minds – they are planning and scheming their next attacks – they want to see pain and death to non-believers. They are mentally unwell. Interrogations need to be made, arrests needs to be made, there needs to be a boarder protection and things need to change. We need to be heartless, because these monsters are heartless and show no sympathy, compassion or respect for anyone.

I have always been a believer in “two wrongs don’t make a right”, however, we are backed into a corner and there is no way around it. You can’t fight fire with fire, we can’t continue to do what we are doing. We need to take control back into our own hands and save our people. We need to protect each other from this situation. No more innocent lives should be lost. We need to protect our own.

Again, this is just my opinion. I probably sound like a horrible person, however no parent should mourn the loss of their child – they should not watch their child go before themselves. No one should have to lose the love of their lives, their best friend, their entire happiness, to the hands of such a monster. I have no words. Enough is enough.

Speak soon, all.




  1. And how do they generate money? Who is funding them and what practices of ours have enabled any economic invasions or ideologocal infections? As the Violent femmes said… add it up

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    1. Benefits allow it. It’s just a nasty cycle. The news this morning was just beyond disappointing, over and over repeating the same things that happen over and over again. Yet we aren’t doing anything!

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      1. We aren’t helping our own. People who saw this coming and tried to warn were punished under the guise of being helped

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  2. Mathematically they have algorithms that exploit loopholes in Westminster law. If it were a tapestry they unstitch at points… and exploit.

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  3. Transpose that to culture as another gel or layer over the map. The ability to create mental maps on the spot is crucial under the auspice of ebery deity. Enjoy the day

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