10 Ways To Help Yourself When You Are Stressed And Don’t Know What To Do!

Hey all!

I hope we are all going well, however if you are reading this you probably aren’t feeling the best – or you are just interested!

Either way, this post will be useful for when you are indeed feeling incredibly stressed.

I know when I am stressed, sometimes I won’t even recognize it right away. Then here comes the tense shoulders, your neck starts to hurt, your brain hurts, your emotions are running wild – and you just can’t focus on anything.

Sometimes, even trying to find ways to stop yourself from stressing is just damn stressful in itself.

Here are some ways that I found useful!

1. Take a shower.
You’re stinky. Haha, no, but if you are at home I cannot recommend this enough. Showers are a time where you think, I know, but at the same time it can shed some clarity on the situation for you. The water hitting at your shoulders will really help your muscles, the warmth from the water and even if you try and take yourself out of that head space by giving your hair a nice wash with your favourite shampoo – familiarizing yourself with the scent and bringing your mind back to being grounded. By the time you are walking out of the bathroom, you are going to feel 100 times better. Sometimes having the light off and a candle by the sink or somewhere away from the water adds a nice touch to the ambience of the room.

2. Make yourself a loose leaf tea or herbal tea, and go to bed with it.
Loose leaf tea is a bastard to clean when it’s over, but it doesn’t stop how nice it is while you are having it. Make yourself a nice tea and go back to bed. Screw this day, don’t even worry about it. Go rewind it and start back in bed but with a nice tea and take your time.

3. Practice your breathing.
Focusing on your breathing, making your breaths deeper and longer. Even make some noises when you are exhaling if it will really help, who knows. But breathing is a fantastic way to relax, if you are out of home, in home, upside down, sitting in a tree – you can practice your breathing and really take notice of the way you are doing it.

4. Get into comfy clothes.
Put on your best most comfy clothes, don’t worry about looking fabulous. If the most comfiest clothes for you is your mankini or your fluffy slippers and pajamas – whatever! Put them on and sit on the lounge and put on your favourite show.

5. Soothing sounds on Spotify/YouTube/Whatever you use.
It may sound absolutely ridiculous, however when you put on ocean sounds or rain sounds on a tin roof – goddamn is that soothing. It’s so, so nice. I highly recommend closing your eyes and just taking in the sounds, visualize being there in that moment and just let your mind run away with the fairies.

6. Talking to someone.
I don’t want to be one of those annoying writers that advise talking to a friend or asking a professional, but if you actually are stressed about something that could cause potential risk to your safety, definitely talk to someone whether that be a friend or a professional – by all means, listening to ocean sounds and wearing a mankini won’t really help you in this situation. So definitely, reach out for help.

7. Write down how you are feeling.
Sometimes if you are writing how you feel down, you won’t have the responses of someone saying “Oh nooo” and pretending to listen just so that you will listen to them rant for hours without feeling guilty. When you write things down, you are just talking to you. Someone who won’t have an opinion. It will feel so nice for you to write it all down, get it all out, close the notebook and know that you have released how you are feeling. The weight will be lifted off, all on those little pages with pen to paper. It’ll help, guaranteed.

8. Ask yourself – would I drink a glass of water?
This is also a bit silly, but if you are stressed, sometimes being hungry can make you feel more angry and stressed about the situation. If you wouldn’t drink a glass of water, then you are hungry. Sometimes we will hungry when in fact we are dehydrated, if you would answer yes to a glass of water – have that glass of water and see after about 15 minutes if you are still hungry, if yes, go eat. Make yourself something delicious, you’ll most likely feel less emotional about that stressful situation you are dealing with.

9. Wash your face with warm water.
Cold water will be just fine, but I find nice warm water and slowly splashing my face with it and really taking my time to just hold my face with the warm water is really, really nice. It makes me sigh and I’m just like “Ehhh, blehhhhhh stress” but it is a nice feeling to splash your face and then waken up a bit to reality.

10. Light some candles, or incense sticks.
You can do all of these things as above. Take a shower while practicing your breathing, get changed into your comfy clothes, make yourself some food, splash your face, grab your cuppa tea and then sit in bed with some soothing sounds and have your candles/incense sticks going while you write down how you are feeling.

I hope these tips help you out!

Always remember.. stressed spelled backwards is desserts! (Hint, hint!)



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