We Are In A Negative Time / Social Media Chit Chat

Hey guys,

How are we all going? I hope we are well!

Something that I want to talk about is how negative of a time we are in. These days on social media, people like to bring others down. People will witch hunt, and intend to hurt others by their words.

These people will literally gain up on the victim. They will swarm around pictures, posts, videos – whatever content is there and will keep bullying, and bullying, and bullying.

People fear success now. People are so scared to succeed in what they know, what they can provide or even what they want – because of these negative people. People are scared to love what they want to do. It’s so wrong.

Why do we all have to be so nasty to each other? Why does there have to be so many sarcastic comments? Why do people have to say something negative to a fun, light hearted post? Why do these toxic vampires have to suck out all the positivity and unconditional love from things?

It’s irritating to see. It’s irritating to experience. We have all experienced it, and it gets to a point where you just have to ask yourself why do they even bother? Why do they invest so much time in being an absolute asshole, for no reason other than wanting to upset the other person. It’s literally just evil, and unbelievably stupid. These people are just providing such aggressive hatred for no reason to absolute strangers. It’s so unnecessary!

If you are one of those people that just have to be an asshole because you have nothing better to do with your time, I genuinely feel sorry for you. I’m not trying to be rude, but you actually do need to have a nice hard look at yourself and the effect you are having on people.

There are so many important, devastating things happening in the world. The world is in absolute crisis right now with random acts of terrorism, families are in pain and people are dealing with life changing matters right now. No one needs to be exposed to your negativity. Have a heart and open your mind, pull your thoughts together and try and be a better influence in people’s lives.

Make someone smile, you will feel 10 times better.

We need to spread some positivity together as a planet. We will thrive together if we encouraged one another on their journeys. Smile at people as you walk past, don’t be shy, even if they don’t smile back. Go above and beyond for all, always try to be the best person that you can be. You never know who’s day you will change just by being a bright and happy you.

Don’t get angry at those toxic vampires, instead try and educate them on the situation and encourage them to approach situations in a different manner or encourage them to not say anything at all next time. Don’t give them negativity back, just spread those positivity words of encouragement and move on with your day.

The planet needs some positivity.

Speak soon!



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