Welcome To Victoria, DaySixtyFive Readers

Hey everyone!

So – yep. We made it.

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day, we got up ridiculously early and we had to take the mattress down into the van in the morning. Luckily, a tradesman downstairs took my end of the mattress and helped us load it into the van.

It was a bloody nightmare taking it from the apartment through to the elevator, we literally had to practically fold it in.

After he helped us, I noticed that he usually drinks orange Powerade on his breaks downstairs, so we went and bought him an orange Powerade to say thank you before we left. He was super chuffed at that, but it was so nice of him to do that for us.

We then set off to go get our baby boy (our fur baby). He was so excited, my partner stayed in the car while I went in to go get him because we couldn’t find parking. He meowed and couldn’t stop purring, when I got into the car I covered his cage with a blankey that’s familiar to him so he had some darkness and ideally we wanted him to fall asleep. Which he did, might I add.

He slept the whole way, until he decided “nup, I want out” and then he sat on top of his cage next to me and became my pirate kitty!

We dropped the keys off to the real estate and took off to Melbourne at about 10:30AM, we had McDonalds for lunch and only stopped for lunch and a 5 minute wee break (McDonald’s coke is intense). That was the only time we took a break. We arrived at my fiances parents place at 8:30PM.

When we arrived at their place we started to unload the van, my partner and I were taking the mattress out and as we were taking it into the shed one of the empty glass bottles fell onto my forehead and I almost got a concussion!

I currently have a massive egg on my head.

Fun tip, if you use Witch Hazel and rub it onto your wound it will stop it from bruising. I didn’t know that!

Other than that, we popped a bottle of champagne and ate some delicious food. My cat has settled over night, I had a ball of fur all around my face last night wanting cuddles and it was so lovely to have him with me.

I missed him so much!

Well! We are going to get some cat food and bits and pieces today. I can barely raise my eyebrows without being like Hagrid from Harry Potter “nope, shouldn’t have done that”.

So that’s going to be the plan for today, probably have a brief nap before my partners brother comes over for dinner.

We are incredibly fatigued and sore. We are so happy for this to be finally over so  that we can relax and recharge now.

Our plan is to look at some places online and arrange inspections for next week, hopefully we can get our old bond back from the apartment soon so that it can help to go towards our new bond. Exciting times ahead!!

As your new Melbourne gal, speak soon all!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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