What To Believe On Social Media

Good afternoon all,

Lately I have been seeing on social media a lot of women and men promoting themselves in the sense that you don’t see what is behind the camera and that ‘don’t believe everything you see’. This is all good and well, but this has become a new trend.

Blabbering on about how natural and flawed you are for  not only views but likes and comments is all too well known now. There are accounts on social media dedicated to showing your stomach flexing and then not flexing, make-up and without make-up, the list goes on. This is all for popularity and being the “brave” person for posting these photos.

It just makes me eye roll, really. It’s so put on these days. Every up coming social media account wants to become huge and world wide known. Everyone is fighting for the throne of fame.

I am growing so tired of seeing ‘fake natural’ becoming a trend. For example, faux freckles. Why don’t you just not wear foundation and show your real freckles? It’s so popular now to use eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, eye shadow – whatever you have to put dots all over your face to make it look like you have freckles over your foundation. I think I’ve even seen some people flick their brushes at themselves to create a splatter effect. Confusing times are upon us.

Not only just this, but every human and their dog is apparently a make-up artist. They also have YouTube channels and are vegans.

I miss when people had individuality, to be honest. I like seeing different varieties of people, seeing what kind of personalities are out there. But these days, everyone is trying to be exactly the same. Lip injections, doing squats so much that their butts are bigger than their heads, hair growth tablets and don’t forget about the tea that magically makes them lose weight!

What is natural about all of these trends going around? What are the future generations growing up around? Peoples butt cheeks will be leaking all sorts of chemicals. Awesome.

All I can say is, you really can’t believe anything you see on the internet. Especially people that preach a whole bunch of “natural” and “real” – usually they are the ones putting on the biggest show of all.

.. Maybe it’s best to go read a book.



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  1. Lots of stuff on social media is a hype or fake. It’s attention addiction. People want to be liked and followed as it boosts their egos. So they think. But the danger lies that it can also have the opposite effect. You see it with teenagers who get depressed if they don’t get likes. In turn they try to feel better by doing even more on social media and thus becoming someone who they’re not. Unfortunately a sad situation. Social media is asocial. I hope people will start to realize that. Good post!

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