When You Pick Up That Good Book…

There’s nothing worse than when you are feeling at a lose with yourself. Your interests don’t feel like interests any more and you don’t know what you feel like doing in your spare time.

You could watch that new TV series on Netflix that everyone has been raving about. Or you could watch that movie that you have been meaning to for months. 

But nothing seems to fit. 

This was how I felt. Yet, a long visit to the book store fixed this. 

I haven’t read in quite a long time, I forgot what it felt like to have that new book smell sitting beneath my nose and turning each page with eagerness and excitement for what I was about to find out next. 

There’s no buttons, no streaming, no social interaction – you aren’t obliged to do anything. The book speaks to you and only you. It’s your own private sanctuary. There’s no influences other than your own mind processing and admiring the words in front of you on those pages.

When you find that good book, you can’t put it down. You find yourself trying to squeeze as much in as you can in between daily duties because you can’t wait to read more. 

It makes you happy. 

That good book helps you find yourself again. 

Thanks, book. You really are a life saver. 



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