Where Do I Know You From? Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

Hey guys,

This is going to sound silly. But I can’t help but question where I know people from that come into my life. What were they to me in my past life? What importance and value did they have to me in my prior lives? Are they an old soul? What role did they have?

This most importantly comes down to pets, I look at my cat and question why I was so drawn to him and I had to take him home with my partner and I. In our past lives was he actually someone I used to clean their house for as a servant? And now I obey him (still) and he’s my cat? Haha, but seriously – what was my cat in prior lives? How did he get here?

I don’t know if I just tend to over think things and get too carried away with how this universe works in it’s mysterious ways, but I genuinely do believe that reincarnation is a thing. I believe in past lives as well, I don’t believe that once we die that is it and we just don’t exist.

This world is too large of a scale, there are things out there in the universe that our brains could not even comprehend.

I truly believe that every person we come across meant something to us in a prior life or even lives. My mum and I like to believe that we were best friends in our prior life, not because we get along so well but because some things between us just cannot be explained.

Every choice we make in life sparks a different pathway for ourselves. When we cross pathways with people it isn’t a coincidence, things make sense later – even if it doesn’t make sense to you now.

If I didn’t go through all the negative aspects of my past, I wouldn’t have come across my partner now who happens to genuinely be my soul mate. I could never make sense of why I had such bad luck in my past, I always got the bad end of the stick and I genuinely didn’t know why because I felt like deep down I didn’t do anything to cause it. However, it turns out I actually had the best of luck because I came into pathways with my partner. There is literally no other way he and I would have crossed paths otherwise.

Even though I do believe that if you are supposed to come into connection with those who you are supposed to cross paths with, I believe the universe takes it’s own course. Even if you don’t like to think it because it brings you impatience, it could be in this lifetime or the next, but it does happen. If you have reached that stage where you don’t believe you will find your true love, never give up. They will come. Nothing is a coincidence.

As simple as it may seem to you, having a pet in your life whether it be a cat or a dog to even a tadpole – it’s actually crucially important. You cannot own them, you may have taken them into your home but they will choose you. There is a reason why you have them in your life. They aren’t just another piece to add to your home. They are living, breathing, intelligent beings and they have their own personality, thoughts, heart and soul. I couldn’t thank him more for coming into my partner and I’s life. I can only hope that my partner and I are giving him the best life that he truly deserves.

Anyway, I am on a bit of a ramble. I just wanted to express how important it is when you come across pathways with people (and animals), whether they are for the better or for the worst – it truly is not a coincidence. As stereotypical as it sounds, everything happens for a reason and whether it is good or bad, if it is bad – it is because you have learned a lesson to teach others. You can prevent others from getting in those situations. Your lesson has given you a voice, a voice to share to others. If it’s for the good, that is fantastic and I hope you embrace that positivity and spread your happiness with others.

I love to believe that I know people from somewhere, no matter how little or big impact they have had in my life. I love to believe that my family aren’t my family in just this lifetime, but that they have had prior important roles in my life beforehand, and that there are more journeys to share with them in my future lifetime roles – hopefully when we get spaceships and can experience crazy technology advances in the future! Haha.

I don’t know, I just think life is such a fascinating journey and I hate to think that this is all for nothing. We don’t even know 1% of what this universe has to offer or even the power of ourselves and what we are capable of.

Speak soon all!



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