Why I’m Worried About Future Generations 

Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been watching the way social media controls how younger generations are growing up. You need to have all the latest social media accounts, post selfies every single day and don’t forget to take a fabulous photo of your vegetable smoothie from your local cafe. Also, how’s it look when it’s coming out the other end?

All you need to do is be aesthetically pleasing, gain a fuck tonne of followers (don’t forget to unfollow everyone too) and then companies will happily supply you free products to trial and promote for them. You can’t tell me you have been on Instagram and haven’t seen those gummie bear hair tablets – or a Instagram famous account promoting detox tea or skinny teas (apparently tea makes you skinny now). All social media these days is a advertising opportunity for companies. It’s free for them to do. What company wouldn’t want free advertising from a naive person?

It’s worrying because younger generations are going to grow up without seeing hard working people around them. People that get up at ridiculous hours of the morning, probably don’t even have time to sit down and eat breakfast let alone do their makeup or make sure their clothes are ironed (who even irons anymore anyway but that’s besides the point) – they don’t see this. They see a lot of self employed younger people, people their age. People younger than 18 years old these days are already making a lot of goddamn money just for selling their bodies out by twerking or taking extra glam selfies – literally getting completely dolled up when they probably weren’t even going anywhere – just for the pure fact of uploading selfies. Some people also will just change shirts and take selfies to make it look like the selfies were taken in different days, when really, they were just having a “#makeuponfleak” day.

This growing generation is 150% narcissistic. Kids aren’t being kids anymore. The pressure on being perfect is a lot higher, the bar is raised beyond imaginable to be that next “big thing” on the internet that hits off and becomes your job. It’s taking a gamble on your privacy. No one lives private lives anymore, people are entirely invited into your life, whether it be by Snapchatting every move you make in your day or even just posting up countless photos onto your Instagram throughout the day – everything is visually inviting and lacking of privacy.

It worries me because the future generations are growing up into narcissistic environments where you have to fit a certain criteria. You need to get at least 10 likes on a photo or it’ll ruin your day – it’s saddening. I wish kids could turn off from all of the drama and pressure, chase school work and follow your dreams. Turn your phone off for a while, or just put it away. Enjoy your meals, savour every taste. Speak to your family or friends in person, make an effort and put your phone away from sight and actually listen to them. It’s okay to be a private person.

Speak soon guys!




  1. When my nephew and niece come over to visit I am always happy to see them. After about thirty minutes, they can be found on the couch or in a large corner chair…reading? no. talking to each other about school? no. thinking about their plans for a career after college? Hell no. they are pecking their smart phones.

    They are two of the most wonderful kids I know. But they’re hooked. Seriously hooked. If you TRY to fuss about the cell phone use…it goes nowhere. They just wait till you’re out of the way. I don’t know the answer. I think in twenty years we’ll see some big issues–BIG and BAD. I share your concern. Great post.

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    1. I completely agree with you. The way you have described this to your experience, it really shows that what the future generations are going through is going to be incredibly hard times. Kids these days aren’t getting involved in their environments – being glued to social media makes it really hard to pick up and gain everyday life skills. Social interaction is made more difficult because when being placed in a face to face situation, it’s different to hiding behind a screen. Future generations are going to be different, it’ll be concerning to see. Fingers crossed things change, I guess! Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate you sharing your experience. It really helps point to the right direction 🙂

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