You Are Your Own Best Friend

Hey guys,

This evening I felt like writing some of that self loving goodness. You know that quote that goes “You are your own best friend”? Well, guess what – you actually are. Now I know some of us are like “Ah damn, I would hate my own company.” Why would you? What’s so great about anyone else? What do they give you that you can’t give yourself?

You are funny. You are beautiful. You are witty, creative, energetic, forceful, powerful and absolutely incredible. You are you. There is absolutely no one in this whole world that is exactly like you. No one in this world has your you. You’re quirky, sometimes you do things even you have a giggle at sometimes. You’re so silly, but you’re you. Embrace it.

When you do something that makes you cringe and go “Uhhh, I shouldn’t have done that…” Instead of getting angry at yourself, laugh at yourself. Think to yourself – that was dumb. But oh well. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break, you know? You wouldn’t hold it against anyone else – stop holding things against you. Be forgiving, be lenient.

Remember the days you would soothe yourself and tell yourself things will be okay? That things will get better, it’s just a rough patch? Why did you stop?

Never stop. Give yourself that mental hug and soft push forward. You’re there for everyone else – it’s time to start being there for you.

Motivate yourself every day. Every day is a start for new beginnings.

Just because today is a bad day, that does not mean that tomorrow won’t be the best day of your entire life.

Start taking care of your mental and physical self. It’s never too late, or too early.

This is your universal sign if you were looking for one.

Jess ☕


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