You Don’t Have To Be Qualified To Be Good At Something

Hey all,

These days, we get confronted by the question “Oh cool, so what qualification do you have in ____ field?”.

132921-Act-Without-ExpectationFor example, let’s say you like colours. Let’s say you have done a few projects with colours and made some great paintings. You mention this to someone, and the first questions they come back with is, “Have you studied art?” or “What qualifications do you have?” and if you respond with “No, I haven’t studies art. I don’t have any qualifications. I just like to do it.”, somehow this becomes a negative response? It’s almost like you have offended them by saying you literally just enjoy doing it and projects here and there.

I would just like to put it out there into the cyber space world by saying you don’t have to be qualified to be good at something. You don’t have to sell the projects you have made, whether it’s painting, jewelry, blankets, games, origami – I don’t know! Whatever you have made that you enjoyed doing, please remember it doesn’t have to become something. You don’t have to turn it into a business, you don’t have to do anything that you do not want to.

If you decide you want to make coasters for your house, do it. You don’t have to make it stressful, you don’t have to add further pressure to make more, do things differently or sell them on Etsy to all of the world. Keep things personal.

If you love to cook, cook for yourself. If you want to cook for your friends and family, awesome, do it! But if people start telling you do this or that differently,


or buy you all these different cuisine books and you only like to cook potatoes – then cook potatoes! Hide the books away in a cupboard and focus on what you love. Don’t let little voices get inside your mind and discourage you from what you love to do, or influence what your next steps are.

The world doesn’t need to get involved in your passion. You are already good enough, you don’t need a piece of paper telling you what you can and can’t do. If you are happy plodding along in your own bubble, being surrounded by your creations that have no price mark and are only for your own hands and eyes to see and touch – that is more than enough.

As long as you are happy, the world can bugger off. You do you. The world has enough pressure and stress as it is, keep your passion close to your heart and stay happy in your bubble.

Speak soon!




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