3 Things I’ve Learned From Aging

1. Time is short.

Seriously, when it’s January it’ll be December before you know it. I’ve noticed that the older I get, the quicker time goes every year. How?!

2. Money is important.

You grow up thinking you won’t let money control you, that you want to be independent and travel. See the world. Live carelessly. Over time you will realise that good people need money. Use your money wisely, it’s important.

3. Use your voice.

If you are nice to everyone, you become the target. I’ve learned that you can be nice, but you need to use your voice sometimes and that is OK. It isn’t a bad thing.

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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

5 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned From Aging

  1. Nah. The older you get, the dafter you get. Trust me. Time IS short and getting shorter. I once watched a program that explained why time (a human-made concept) actually DOES pass quicker as you get older. Fortunately I didn’t understand it, so I hope that makes me exempt…


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