Having A Cat In A Rental Property

Hey guys,

My husband and I have just been cleaning ferociously because we are due for a rental inspection this week. For any normal tenants, this would be a breeze! You just straighten the rugs, give the floors a mop or vacuum and make sure your sinks are clean and what not.

For people who own an animal (especially when they aren’t supposed to), it’s a bloody nightmare!

Our cat isn’t all that bad to have around. He is generally pretty good, of course he lives his life and it isn’t like he doesn’t exist within this house. He has his comforts and yes the carpet gets a few stray hairs here and there but we’ve lived here for nearly two years.


When we have an inspection, we go nuts on the cleaning and tidying. Our house literally becomes model home worthy, because we are so paranoid. It is exhausting! It’s the part of the package that comes with having a pet sneakily, which I guess we can’t complain too much about. But at the same time, why is this? You can bet the people that own the property have pets of their own, and would understand the position.

When looking for a place to rent, there are no houses that allow pets. It is rare if you come across a rental property that allows it, and the chances are if they do allow it, the house is already in a pretty un liveable state and they’re just taking advantage of families with a pet willing to pay for anything as long as they can have their pets.

The animal shelters are filled to the brim with loved pets that had to be given up due to rental laws, it is so cruel and unfair.

I understand having puppies that chew doors, cats that scratch paint off walls and tear the place up is concerning when you own a property and you are renting it out. However, I do feel as though the rules should be more lenient with pet owners who are looking for a home and know their pets capabilities.IMG_4640

When an inspection comes up and you have a pet (yes, that you shouldn’t have) and you pass it with flying colours. But then, they find out you have a pet.

All of a sudden they find x y z wrong with the place, and charge you a fortune.

I believe that is wrong. We have been so lucky that we have never had any trouble, and yes we feel guilty we sneakily have a cat living under our roof but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The poor bugger has to go to our families house for the day, he hates the car and he hates being moved around. But what is a day of misplacement compared to living the entire time happy and safe in their home? We would do anything for him.

Unfortunately owning a house in this day and age is unimaginable, the housing prices have sky rocketed. No choice at this stage!

Wish us luck this week with our sneaky secret! We have been tidying up a storm (definitely over compensating!), but it is worth it.

Our cat is irreplaceable.

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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

9 thoughts on “Having A Cat In A Rental Property

  1. Relatable! We have two cats, and have moved once or twice a year for 4 years because we have had bad luck with our landlords. One was nice, owned cats, and brought their kitten to play with ours as they were the same age. But we lived there for 8 months and we never got any Wi-Fi, because they were, legit, being sabotaged by whomever was in charge of giving them the permits to install fiber network in their brand new house. When we moved they didn’t charge us for the slight damage the cats have made, so no worries. Then we moved to a nice, big house, with seemingly nice cat owners as landlords. Long story short, they turned out to be batshit insane and we had to move after 3 months because of their nutjob drama. They are still trying to make us pay for damage their kids did and blamed it on the cats, by the way. Our next landlords were the worst. So bad we developed PTSD from living there. They forced us to sign a lease for a year, but we had previously agreed to 3 months, as the apartment was horrid and we were looking for something more permanent. They accepted out cats only because they were trying to get us to pay for a full renovation of the apartment. They seemed so nice at first, then after we moved in it went insane fast. They were horribly abusive. Not gonna go into details, there are too many, but they claimed it reeked of cat piss and shit (which it didn’t, there was black mould underneath the floorboards and in the walls that made several spaces stink) and on our last day the male threatened to beat up my sweet, harmless boyfriend for no reason. Our neighbors living in the downstairs unit had dogs, which also constantly caused “problems” for the landlords, and the day after we left they heard the male landlord complain to his wife about how it reeked of cat piss everywhere, something 8 other people had confirmed it didn’t multiple times in the days before. This time around we luckily found the perfect landlords and a beautiful apartment. They chose us over 30+ other people BECAUSE we had cats. I have never heard of landlords who prefer tenants with pets, but here they are. We also get along with them real nice, and after moving here from that previous hellhole it’s like we are in a whole new world. You can’t find better landlords, honestly. After all this bad luck we can finally have some peace, and I am pretty sure we’ll stick around here for a good, long while.
    I’m sorry this comment became a post on its own, but what you’re writing is just so relatable and it brings out so many feelings in me! The market is awful and there are so many horrible people out there who should never be allowed to own rentals ever again! And I can’t begin to understand why they won’t accept pets, you obviously fix the damage made by your pets yourself, so what’s the problem? It’s just cold and cynic to me, unless the landlord is very allergic. So of course when buying is pretty much impossible to us younger adults, I guess we should just never own pets? Sorry, it pisses me off! I wish I could buy apartments or houses I could rent out exclusively to pet owners…

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    1. Oh my goodness!!! What the heck! I’m so sorry you have gone through all of this. Ugh, it’s an absolute nightmare renting with our fur balls. They’re absolutely worth it but damn do landlords like to bloody pull the wool over people’s eyes. It sounds like you’ve been through some terrible storms with it, thank goodness you have your current landlord. They’re a rare gem. I love that your landlord actually values the fact you have animals, I think it actually helps show that you’re able to take care of things and be responsible. What do you reckon?


      1. My current landlords have had some unfortunate experiences with pets in the past, one time their tenant had left (holiday maybe, honestly can’t remember) and the guy was gonna feed the cats while she was gone, and one day walked in on one of the cats giving birth, so he had to step in as a cat-midwife. He had no clue the cat was even pregnant. Apparently this cat had several more litters before they moved, and after this they weren’t too keen on cats that weren’t spayed or neutered. They also rented out to someone with a large muscle-dog (boxer or rottweiler I think) and the dog was nice and all, but chewed a lot on corners and whatnot. Our cats have both been castrated (they’re brother and sister, and that would get weird and incest-y fast if they weren’t). Our landlords love our cats, and their toddler is so smitten, it’s the cutest thing ever. They know we are great and responsible people and cat owners, and we also had an instant connection the first time we met, so I think they trust us quite a bit. They’re only a few years older than us as well, so we have a lot more in common with them than older landlords. Honestly, they’re some of the nicest people we’ve met. They also had an AirBnb in the basement, so I went and checked their reviews, and it was literally 7 years straight of 5 stars, only one 4-star review because “they didn’t like the weather”, and most of the reviews included how nice and considerate they were and how they went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great stay. Picking them up at the airport, driving them around the city to give recommendations and show them landmarks, leaving chocolates on their pillows, and stocking the pantry with basics so they could eat a decent meal the second they came here if they were too tired to go out. All this extra effort free of charge. My heart just melted. They’re too precious. We hit the jackpot, and don’t think any other landlord will ever measure up ❤

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