Simple Go-To List For First Time Pregnancy

Hey everyone,

When I first found out that my husband and I were expecting I had absolutely no idea how to start for preparing for a baby.

It was something that I had never really had a set plan for, I thought that it would just come naturally. Well, really, I had not put much thought into it. I feel like when you decide you want to try for a baby, you just think of the end game of actually having that baby in your life – not the bits and pieces that comes with it.


Something I found useful was going onto Pinterest and following all sorts of check lists. I had to sort through a lot of cringe, a lot of “what?” and a lot of things that I didn’t think felt needed.

I have put together a list of things that I sorted through and have followed ahead with, and I hope this is helpful for anyone who needs it. There will be additional items that come with time, but these are the basic essentials I feel that are important to remember.


  1. Bassinet with proper fitted and sized mattress. This is where bub will be sleeping for the first few months of their fresh new life. After 6 months, consider moving them over to their cot. Ensure you are following the ABCs of safe sleeping, I wrote a post here.
  2. Car seat.
  3. Pram.
  4. High chair. This can be left in storage until needed, but good to have.
  5. Swaddles.
  6. Sleep suits.
  7. Splat mat. For when feeding time becomes a war zone with food going everywhere.
  8. Soft activity mat. This is for tummy time practising.
  9. An activity ring. This can be blown up where it can support bub sitting up on their own and they can play with different sensory options surrounding them like soft silky fabrics with crunchy fabrics and sounds. It’s worth looking into.
  10. Rocker. Bub can sit in while playing music or vibrating. This frees you up to be able to eat your dinner and know they’re safe right in front of you.
  11. Handful of burp cloths.
  12. Handful of soft bibs. People do recommend the plastic ones that have catchers so they catch the food, you can just rinse them then they’re as good as new – rather than having to load up your washing machine!
  13. Different sized onesies. You never know what size they’re going to be when you meet them. You get get newborn, small newborn or 0-3 months. It’s good to have a small variety, just in case. With your onesies, make sure they have the feet and mittens cover options – so bub can’t scratch their face and their toesies can stay warm.
  14. A few singlets and Summer one pieces with short sleeves, for warmer weather. If it is incredibly hot, you probably will be letting them just be in their nappy but a singlet might be needed as well just incase.
  15. Handful of socks, mittens and beanies.
  16. Couple of small soft blankets. You can put them in a cupboard incase you may need them, try avoid wool because if they suck on them they’ll get a mouth full of wool, eek.
  17. A few bottles for pumping.
  18. A breast pump, manual or automatic, depends on your preference. Maybe sure you also get a catcher, when breast feeding your other breast that bub isn’t feeding from may leak so it is better to catch the milk rather than using breast pads and losing a good amount of milk you could save for bub.
  19. Breast pads for leaking milk.
  20. Noise machine. (No, not bub.) If your bub is struggling to sleep, try a machine that plays white noise, womb sounds, heart beat sounds, or has a soft glow to it resembling the womb. I found a great option here that does all of this, and is highly recommended.
  21. Temperature gauge. This will go in the nursery to ensure it isn’t too hot or too cold.
  22. Baby monitor.
  23. Pacifiers. Aim for dental friendly and glow in the dark, so you don’t lose them in the night time!
  24. Teething toys. These are great for when bubs first teeth come in! Otherwise, you can fill in pacifiers with water then freeze them. Once they’re frozen you can give them to bub and they have a lovely cold soother.
  25. Newborn kit. It will have a lot of essentials like nail trimmers, temperature monitor, booger clearer, all of those fun things.
  26. Last but not least, an insane amount of nappies and baby wipes. Stay stocked up! Buy in bulk, we will be using Amazon. But ensure you get newborn and then 0-6 months, so you have a pack to fall back on when they unexpectedly no longer fit their newborn size!

I hope these are all helpful. If you have raised little ones, please put down some helpful tips and bits of information for anyone who comes across this.


Thank you for reading.


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