This Time Last Year

Good morning everyone,

Happy Sunday! I’m lying in bed with my husband next to me who is trying to go back to bed because I am the early bird between us.

Well, besides my cat. IMG_6668.JPG

He’s currently meowing as he demands for me to let him outside into the sunshine, which I will get there. The kettle must be put on first!

I’ve been thinking this morning how much our lives have changed even just in the last year. It’s a wonderful thing how life can change and turn in all sorts of directions, no matter what situation you are in there is always room for a complete flip on direction.

This time, last year…

My husband and I were frantically planning our wedding. Next weekend on the 15th of December is our anniversary.DCT03570

We had a long engagement, not of our own choice, life just didn’t have it in the cards for us. There were many hiccups in the planning, the day before our wedding there were practically floods across Melbourne and it was non-stop raining.

On our wedding day, we managed to get a brief moment of sunshine for the ceremony before it began storming again! In the end, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day. I’ll be posting a ‘his and hers’ version of the wedding day coming up to our anniversary next weekend.

During this time last year, we also were going to court. Our previous landlord had taken us to court out of no sheer reason other than pure greed.

Our landlord was ‘that’ kind.


He would not renovate his property, we had practically nearly collapsing ceilings (due to age of the house), copper contamination leaking from the shower, mold underneath floorboards in the shower room, the laundry room was inaccessible from a fire a previous tenant had and they did not repair, the back door did not lock (huge security risk) which we managed to fight tooth and nail for to get a lock installed which they did but not to the landlords approval.

There was endless, endless amount of issues and as soon as we could get out of there we did. He then wanted to charge us owners rates like garbage taxes and what not, which is not a tenants responsibility, and in the end he did not win at court however he did try. It was a scary time for us, we have never been through that situation and it was incredibly unexpected as it came out of no where.


Through this time, we were trying our best to get into the festive period and to get excited for our wedding.

We were really exhausted, it was an emotionally draining time. Our honeymoon didn’t last long, only a few days.

My husband and I had plans for our honeymoon to travel along the coast up to NSW to visit my family. It was so, so much fun however we ended up coming back home early to get our cat who was staying with a friend.

Our cat wasn’t doing so well. He was hiding under the friends lounge, not eating or drinking. Our friend ended up putting videos of him on YouTube, which was random. We weren’t too happy about it, as you can imagine. We made him take them down!222.JPG

Our cat doesn’t handle new people so well, so much so that last time he stayed with my husbands family he didn’t go to the bathroom for nearly 3 days. Poor thing. So, you can imagine we were worried about him. We scrapped the honeymoon to get to him as quickly as we could.

What else? Well, my husband changed companies on our honeymoon as well. He should have been enjoying himself, but the whole time he was on his work phone sorting out trouble between his original employer and who he was contracted to work for – they were unable to come to an agreement so he ended up signing on board with his contracted employer instead and dropping his original employer.

This probably doesn’t make much sense, even I was confused through it. But, he has been working with them ever since and making a bit more money which has been incredibly handy in our lives.


He is happier, too.

My husband and I tend to have a lot of change happen in incredibly small spaces, and then we get confused and uncomfortable when nothing crazy has happened in a while because we wonder when the next wave will happen.

It is funny how that happens, how you can quickly adapt to certain changes and situations that it is almost strange when nothing happens for a while. Not to say it isn’t nice, it’s just incredibly strange.


We are in entirely different spots in our lives now. We have a bub on the way, work is going great for both of us and our families are happy, healthy and safe.

There is not much more that we could ask for in our lives right now, we just hope everything continues on along a happy, healthy and safe route.

It’s just crazy when you think about how different things were a year ago.


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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