Weekly Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

It’s that time already for the weekly wrap up. How did this week go so fast? I feel like I was writing last weeks wrap up just yesterday. It’s crazy how fast time flies.

This week was a good week all around, I have been training my replacements at work this week and I got to experience doing my Support work out at a different desk with my team members and it was really nice. Usually I sit out at reception doing Support work, so I felt much less lonely!

It’s been insanely busy at work, but it’s the good kind of busy where the days go fast.

I have two weeks left before I start maternity leave, which will be nice because it’s starting to get warm now as we are in Summer. It’s going to be nice to not have to do my work commute as I get more heavily pregnant the next few weeks and then bub will be here before we know it. I just hope I can train my replacements well enough that it will be a smooth transition.


My hubby went to a Google conference earlier this week.

He has been a busy bee and networking to the best of his capabilities lately which is wonderful because it is giving us more opportunities. He is doing so well at work it’s insane, I am so proud of him! Apparently Google has their own baristas on site who make you free coffee on demand, and they had their own chefs too that offered them full meals when they visited. This isn’t just because of the conference, mind you, this is just an everyday at Google apparently!

Google designs their offices differently at each site, and the one in Melbourne is to resemble the actual streets of Melbourne. They have signs that point to the ‘street direction’ within the office and they have cool plants everywhere. It’s very groovy, and they had a spinning Christmas tree as well. Hubby loved it there!


We caught our cat inside of bubs bassinet that we have set up for them, which was fun.

Now we have to figure out a way to keep him away from it! I’ve always stood by the quote that once a cat has a good sleep somewhere, they will be back!

We think our aim will be to layer the bassinet with foil, and grab a spray bottle and spray him if he goes near it. Hopefully once the screaming bub is here and disturbing him of his usual sleep he will know to avoid bub like a plague.


Yesterday my brother and I were talking about Christmas decorations, and he sent me a text message of his tree. I was mind blown because I did the exact same thing with our tiny tree. The smallest tree with a huge bloody damn star on top, I thought it was hilarious so I sent him what we had done as well. It was totally unplanned! So cute.

Today we have just done a huge food shop and decided that tonight we will be making ourselves Chinese which we are greatly looking forward to! We got dumplings of all sorts, spring rolls and we are going to make our own special fried rice. Well, our rice will be steamed not fried because we have no idea how to do that!

Our plan is to take it easy for the rest of the Sunday afternoon as we get ready for the oncoming week. We don’t have anything special planned for this week, however on the weekend coming we are celebrating our anniversary.

We will be going to spend some time up in the mountains and get away from society! The place we are staying at has a pool, so I hope I still fit in my old swimmers with this huge pregnancy bod, otherwise I’ll be a beached whale watching from a distance (haha). We are really looking forward to it.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend and speak soon all!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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