‘Her’ Version; Our Wedding

Hey everyone,

As promised here is my version of our wedding day. Our anniversary is coming up this weekend, and we both have written our sides of the ceremony. You can read his here.

I woke up from what felt like an hour-less night..

The night had flown by as I laid restlessly awake. I hate sleeping without him. Even though my brothers were sleeping in the living room on fold out beds, it felt like the house was empty without his presence.

I rolled out of bed and put on my white dressing gown I bought for the special occasion to fit the ‘bridal’ feeling, it made me feel chuffed internally. It was a highlight of the morning, it’s the simple things!

My brothers left shortly after so that they could pick up my mum from the city who was arriving by train from NSW. The streets were practically flooding from the severe weather.

My mind kept trailing back to my to be husband and his family, I hoped that they were alright.

My dad called me while I was doing my makeup, I had left my rollers in overnight to get curled hair and I looked terrible as we spoke but it made me feel at ease to have someone to talk to while I got ready in the house alone. We just joked and laughed, and it wasn’t long until my brothers returned with mum.

We all got ready together, and my brothers picked flowers from the garden to tuck into their suits which was a nice touch. It wasn’t long until we all got into the car. We were a few minutes into the drive, but I realised I didn’t have any earrings in.

We turned around so I could pick up my earrings, I was so nervous I was forgetting everything!

When we arrived, my mother was telling me how beautiful the house was and the property was stunning. I couldn’t have felt more proud of everything, that I was becoming a part of such a wonderful family, and it made me beam inside to hear reassurance from my own family. They were in awe of everything, I forgot what it was like experiencing meeting my husbands family was for the first time and meeting their beautiful dog as well who was wearing his own tux around his neck. It was so wonderful.

The sun was coming through the clouds as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” began to play.

My brothers walked out slowly onto the deck and down the red carpet aisle. I saw my to-be husband through the kitchen window as I waited for my mother and I to begin our walk, and I was fighting back tears as he looked so handsome from where I was standing.

As my mother and I walked down the aisle, we stupidly tripped together before getting onto the red carpet which made us laugh together but I was kicking myself because I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I soon realised that it could never have been ruined because I saw my to be husband waiting patiently at the end of the aisle with a huge grin on his face.

All of my worries instantly began to fade.

When I first held onto his hands, him in his suit, me in my white dress – I knew I was home. I just wanted to hold onto him and never let him go, I was so happy to be at his side again. I forgot that everyone was around us, all I saw was him and his lovely new shiny shoes! He looked amazing in his grey and black suit. What a looker.

Throughout the ceremony I was beaming, I kept looking back at all of our guests that were here sharing our special day. We had my to-be’s husbands siblings as his best man and best wo-man, and I had my brothers as my bridal party.

Everyone important to us was there to share the day with us. 

The whole garden looked impeccable. I was so appreciative for all the hard work everyone chipped in for such a special day for us, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked. What a day, and the sun was out for us which was so unbelievably lucky!


The vows were the hardest part. I couldn’t get through mine because I was filled with such overwhelming feelings, I pushed through it even though I sounded like I was under water – whereas my to be husband sounded absolutely wonderful and filled my heart with an obscene amount of adoration!

My favourite part was when we stood together facing everyone as we got announced as the newest married couple in Australia. Everyone cheered as we got to walk down together holding hands as we had rose petals thrown on us.

It was so lovely, I couldn’t have been happier.

Experiencing such a beautiful day with everyone that loves us and that we love in return is something you only get so often, we truly lived in the moment and cherished every moment.

Thank you for reading


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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