Your favourite memory of Christmas as a child (Blogmas Challenge)

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to the beginning of our Blogmas Challenge! I’m so excited to get stuck into this challenge.

Anything Christmas related and I’m going crazy for it this year, the Christmas spirit is strong!

If you haven’t seen it yet, or if you would like to join in please see the below image which will outline each post for the following 12 days:

Day One: Your favourite memory of Christmas as a child.

When I first started to think about this, I instantly jumped on the memories of when I had been given gifts I really wanted. But in reality, the more I sit here the more I think about it I can’t really pick just one favourite memory.

I have memories of waking up early with my brothers and waiting for my parents to get up so that we could experience the Christmas morning together.

I have others where I would watch the Pope on television with my dad while he got to enhance his beliefs by celebrating Christmas in that sense. Once, we even went to church for Christmas morning which was the first time I had ever been to church and I remember thinking about how over I was from standing up to sing then sitting down then standing up again, and I of course giggled far too much than what was appropriate with my brothers.

One year I was given a book about a mermaid, and I was glued to it for the entire Christmas day. I took it with me everywhere that day, because I just loved it so unbelievably much.

But one memory I have is just quite simple, yet it’s my favourite. It was a day where we had all sorts of afternoon nibbles in the lounge room on our coffee table, the kind of nibbles where you have peanut M&Ms and meat and cheese spreads everywhere. We were playing games together as a family, and it was just a time where we were all together as a family just having good food and quality time.

Those are the kind of memories when you think about it, you want to go back there just for a few moments.

I remember feeling quite upset that when the day came to a end, we all went to bed and I knew that tomorrow was not going to be the same. I had enjoyed myself so much that I wish that type of day was our normal, our usual. Would we still appreciate it the same if we spent every day with great food and company? I’m not sure. All I knew was how much I loved being with my family.

Family truly is the essence of Christmas.

What is your favourite memory of Christmas as a child?

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