The Crystal Collection

Hey everyone,

I thought this would be a fun post to make because this weekend my husband and I have added to our crystal collection. We place our crystals on what we call our ‘shrine’ which is essentially a hallway table we bought from K-Mart that we’ve chosen as our special place.

shrine.jpgOur ‘shrine’ has quite a few special things on it.

We have a painting my mother painted of a waterfall as the backdrop, with a huge sunflower my mum bought me many, many years ago. It isn’t real, if it was that would be pretty impressive to have lasted this long!

I have fresh lavender picked from the garden, with a water feature that has rocks placed underneath it. When we get enough crystals, we are hoping to replace the rocks with crystals to have the water dripping down onto them. We thought that was a really nice idea.

I have my Goddess tarot deck on a reflective mirror, it was a deck my mother bought me a long time ago that over the years I no longer had. I bought them again this year when my mother had come to visit, she brought her God and Goddess goblets which are the black goblets you will see in the photo. She had decided to hand them down, which was a very special moment for me. I love them so much.

2222222222 copy.jpg

We then have a load of crystals that myself and my husband have collected over time.

We have random shards, crystal clusters and tumble stones. We are hoping to gather more each year, as we have made an annual gift idea every anniversary we get new crystals to add to our shrine.

My favourite is my amethyst cluster as I have used that for so many years. I used to lie on my bed with it placed on my forehead and I could just feel so much energy radiating from it.


My brother bought me my palmistry hand for my birthday many, many years ago. I love it so much, I used to be incredibly drawn to palmistry in high school and I used to try read all of my friends palms because I was just so interested by it.

I have multiple palmistry books packed away into the shed that are due to be pulled out and re-read at some point. I love to use the palmistry hand to place my crystal beaded bracelets on when I am not wearing them, my husband has picked up on that trick now as well and has been adding to it over time. Soon all the fingers will be covered!

It’s handy to have them on the palmistry hand when we are lighting sage because it helps to keep the crystals cleansed, and they are good to go whenever you need them.


This weekend my husband and I have added new additions to our little crystal family. We have added a carnelian tree on an amethyst ‘flower’ base.

We got the crystal tree so that we could sit our 3 new crystal turtles underneath it.

The turtles are:

Husbands – Picture  Jasper (Right)
Mine – Red Jasper (Left)
Our to-be newborn (only 10 more weeks until I’m due!) – Fluorite (Middle)

We want to get turtles for each bub we have, so we all have our own cute little turtle protecting us. Here is a summary on the meaning of turtles:

The Turtle is the symbol of long life and crystal has a forceful field of light and energy, which can be uses as a sonic protections against negativity. This property exists in all sizes of crystal including the small once, we wear or carry. The passage of ions through the modular structure makes them a valuable aid in clearing and neutralizing negative conditions in the aura of people of all ages. It can be used to cleanse the atmosphere of large area- our homes, place of work as well, if can become our own personal healer for the body.

The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom, and is able to defend itself on its own. It personifies water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility. Creation is associated with the tortoise and it is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the whole world. Source
We purchased other new crystals to our small crystal family as well.
I got a Bloodstone pendant as well as bracelet, and an Agate bracelet. I have a peach Moonstone pendant that I will be wearing at 36 weeks pregnant to help me leading up to and during my childbirth. Hubby got himself a Moss Agate pendant, Tiger Iron bracelet and a few crystals for his elixir.

What the benefits are:


Agate –


  • Physical healer; focusing on skin/tissue repair. Remedies digestive issues. It can be used to improve circulatory systems and muscle elasticity.

Picture Jasper –

  • Instills you with a sense of hope
  • Boosts creative visualization/imagination
  • Beneficial for general well-being i.e. helps you fight off common illnesses
  • Improves function of kidney’s via elixir use

Red Jasper –

  • Spiritual grounding
  • Helps to provide inner stability
  • Great for when going through life challenges
  • Soothes negative energy
  • Great for encouraging creativity
  • Clears out injustices
  • Aids muscle tissue, respiratory and circulatory systems

Bloodstone –

  • Resonating to both heart/base chakras
  • Great for grounding you
  • Helps you focus on your emotional balance
  • Stone for strength, determination and courage
  • Awakens your brave warrior side
  • Enhances intuition
  • Provides wisdom of true inner self

Carnelian – 

  • Provides a warm, uplifting and joyful energy
  • Removes negative draining emotions
  • Vibrant, optimistic outlook
  • Great for general health and well-being
  • Speeds up recovery of body damage i.e. bruises, abrasions as it aids tissue regeneration

Tiger Iron – 

  • Combination of Red Jasper, Hematite and Gold Tiger Eye
  • Uplifting joy
  • Encourages motivation
  • Aids the energy/drive to achieve anything you set your mind to
  • Amplifies artistic abilities
  • Enhances inspiration

Fluroite –

  • Provides clarity of mind
  • Calms busy minds
  • Aids processing of each thought
  • Great for students/people learning new skills
  • Inner harmony
  • Great for meditation
  • Beneficial for teeth and bones
  • Friendship stone

I highly encourage anyone who is interested to duck down to a crystal shop near them and pick up whatever they are drawn most to. Crystals are so special, they really do help and they are fantastic to carry with you if you need a little bit of help here and there.

I’m so excited about my Bloodstone! I love that I have it close to my chest as I wear the pendant right now. It is so comforting to know I have it on my person, I love it so much.

Are there any crystals you are drawn to at the moment? 


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