The best Christmas present you have ever been given (Blogmas Challenge)

Hey everyone,

Already onto day 4 of the Blogmas Challenge! Time is flying. You can read my previous challenge post here.

If you haven’t seen the challenge yet, or if you would like to join in please see the below image which will outline each post for the following 12 days:

Day Four: The best Christmas present you have ever been given

Hmm, this one is a tricky one. I feel like in my adult years Christmas becomes a thing where you are given the necessities – you know, the socks you need to stock up on or even just a good amount of booze to get you through the festive period. I feel like birthdays are generally the good time for gifts you’re eager for.


When you are a kid Christmas is the bees knees. You get all sorts of fun things! For me, I would have to say the best Christmas present was when I was younger when I got a ‘Pixel Chix doll house’, oh boy that was magical.

On Christmas Eve we were allowed one Christmas present early, when I unwrapped it I lost my head with excitement. I really, really wanted one. Growing up we were never rolling around in money, so I knew how special this gift was because it wasn’t cheap by any means. I was so chuffed and overwhelmed.

I’m sure my parents regretted purchasing the gift in the long run from how dang loud the toy was and I had grown obsessed with it real quick – but damn it was the absolute best gift ever!

What is the best Christmas present you have ever been given?

If you are joining in, please link your posts below so that I can follow along with you!

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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

5 thoughts on “The best Christmas present you have ever been given (Blogmas Challenge)

      1. yes, other day I walking through one park and there is something going on…Christmas atmosphere and I am watching parents with kids…and kids are so mesmerized. For them it is like magic…. beautiful. I remember when I figure out that Santa Claus is not real…I didnt want to accept that.

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