Lush; Natural Products Review (Eczema Prone Skin/Breakouts)

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Not sure if any of you have heard about or use/used Lush products but I thought I would provide you all with a bit of a review on a few of their products. Lush is a natural ingredient based brand, they pride themselves on their eccentric ways of creating safe and natural products for all.

My husband has severe skin allergies, he can rash in a flash (that rhymes) but he also gets incredibly uncomfortable and itchy on certain eczema spots. We have tried multiple products like Cetaphil and what not that are known for their assistance in treating skin conditions like his however they haven’t necessarily done the trick.

I came across ‘Dream Cream’ by Lush when I was just cruising along in my internet travels.

Dream Cream has been spoken highly about within the eczema community, so I decided to do a Lush online order and include it in my shopping cart with hopes that once it arrives it’ll save the day for my husband.


So along with Dream Cream, I purchased Angels On Bare Skin. Throughout my pregnancy I have had crap skin, none of this ‘pregnancy glow’ schenadigans that they go on about. I have used Angels On Bare Skin in the past and I always felt my best without any makeup on when using it, so I decided to purchase it as well.

I got a few other things like a cookie dough lip scrub and their ultra balm lip balm. They are fine, nothing outstanding but they are fine.

Dream Cream, does it work for eczema?

It largely relieves itchiness, that is true what they say. I feel like my husband will get relief from the itchiness quite quickly. I wouldn’t say it heals immensely, but it definitely kicks trouble spots in the butt a bit.

We use prescribed steroid cream with the Dream Cream on his worse days, and then we will just continue to use Dream Cream throughout. It doesn’t fix it, but it will sustain it.

The lotion itself is quite breathable, I don’t feel like it has that condensed thick feeling that leaves the trouble spots suffocated almost from the thickness of it.

Dream Cream applies nicely, and it soaks into the skin quickly. It doesn’t leave skin sticky, which is a huge plus.

That’s our thoughts on Dream Cream. Let us know if you’ve given it a go yourself and your thoughts on it!

Angels On Bare Skin, does it work?

I truly do think Angels On Bare Skin is a huge must if you struggle with bad skin, whether it’s hormonal or if it’s just from naturally oil based skin – it works wonders. This is coming from someone who has spent an absolute fortune on anything that remotely suggests it helps with bad skin.

I’ve been around the block and back multiple times with trying to find brands that will help my skin. The only other success I have had would be these facial wipes. I no longer spent money on them because they go so quickly and they’re bad for the environment.

Highly recommend using this Lush product.


In the long run, Lush costs a fortune. As much as we love these two products, unfortunately it may not be feasible moving forward as we try to save money. They make fantastic products, and it is nice to know that what you are applying to your skin is entirely natural and safe.

Unfortunately they just aren’t in an affordable price range, which is a shame, but we will definitely look at getting them here and there as a nice treat for ourselves! Highly recommend them to anyone who is willing to chip in those extra dollars for natural based products.

Unfortunately I don’t think that Dream Cream is the holy grail for eczema, I think that the amount being rave about it can be a bit misleading.

I think the aim will be trying to find us cheaper alternatives moving forward once they run out. I’ll keep you guys updated on any good alternatives that we find.

Thank you for reading!


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