Australia Is Burning, Here Is How You Can Help

Image 8.JPGHi everyone,

If you don’t live in Australia, I am unsure if you have heard about the emergency crisis currently in Australia. You have probably heard it mentioned, but you might not know the details in their entirety.

This message needs to be spread to those in and outside Australia, no matter where you are, you can help. Keep reading.

To get you up to date the image below will show you the current active fires within Australia. There are additional fires growing from spot fires, lightning and all sorts of occurrences daily:

Image 12.JPG

So how big are these fires? How much has been burnt in Australia? Well, 70 metre high flames have been reported and at least 5 million hectares have been burnt nationwide in this bush fire season.

To put this into comparison for my European readers, the amount that has been burned can be related to the image below:

Image 0.jpg

Can you imagine this? Odds are you can’t.

Remember the Amazon fire that was barely touched on, but once people understood what was happening there was a huge uproar? The Amazon fire this year burned an estimated 900,000 hectares. As mentioned above, Australia has burned at least 5 million hectares already in this bush fire season and the fires are still continuing.Image 3

Currently the status this afternoon in Australia is as follows:

  • The NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner said it was the worst fire season on record in the state.
  • Another two people are dead in NSW. A 63-year-old man and his 29-year-old son were found dead at their property near Cobargo. A woman told police her husband and son had stayed to fight the fires. 
  • Four people are missing in Victoria and a 72-year-old man is missing at Belowra in NSW.Image 2
  • People on the south coast of NSW from Nowra to Moruya have been warned they will lose all telecommunications tonight, including landlines, mobiles and internet. This includes hospitals.
  • The Australian Defence Force is sending military air and sea assets to Victoria to assist with evacuations.
  • There are significant property losses across both states but the impact won’t be known until assessors can access the fire grounds.
  • Thousands of people were forced to shelter on a jetty, waterfront, in the water and on boats and sand bars in Mallacoota, as a firefront bore down on the East Gippsland town early this morning.Image 1
  • Terrifying scenes saw glowing red skies and pitch darkness at mid-morning.
  • Towns across the East Gippsland region remain cut off even after the fire danger has passed, with roads, electricity and other services cut.
  • A southerly change swept up the NSW coast late on Tuesday, moderating some fires but bringing strong gusty winds and little to no rain.
  • Scott Morrison has extended the payments for volunteer firefighters to Queensland, and says other states are welcome to join.
  • Fires are continuing to create their own thunderstorms, bringing lightning that is sparking new fires.Image 6.JPG
  • More details were released about the death of the 28-year-old firefighter, Samuel McPaul, with veteran firefighters saying “freakish” conditions had to be seen to be believed, with a fire tornado picking up and flipping the eight-tonne truck.
  • Several fires are under investigation by police in both Victoria and NSW.

(The Guardian)

Image 7How many citizens do we have to lose before something is done about this? This is a nationwide emergency. Australian politicians aren’t acting on their own free will, they are being forced to do something because of the people. We have to keep yelling to have anything done. Even then, it is not enough.

Tonight the firework show in Sydney, NSW is going ahead when not only are there homes being lost across the state (and multiple other states), people have died today (not just today, too) from these fires, our firefighters don’t need the risk of additional fires being caused by these fireworks and not to mention the air pollution level continues from poor, very poor to hazardous levels. Do they really need to add to that?Image 10.JPG

These volunteer firefighters fighting these fires do not have appropriate gear. They aren’t getting the care they need. There are firefighters out there in gear that they have been wearing for months because they only have one suit, can you imagine what that must be like? They have been paying for adequate gear for themselves out of their own pockets because there is not enough gear to go around. Let alone the gear they have being up to the standards they need to fight in these conditions.

People have lost their homes before Christmas. They are now going into the New Year losing their family members homes and potentially their family members own lives. The volunteer firefighters are just like us, they are citizens. They are you and me.

Please help these firefighters, the animals that are dying, the homes that have been lost. We need to help. You can help show your support with the information that I have provided below.

Donate Now:


The NSW Rural Fire Service

Donate to the RFS through bank transfer, there is a set bank account they have set up:

Account Name: NSW Rural Fire Service
BSB: 032-001
Account No: 171051

For credit cards, this link will take you to the landing page. You can choose specific brigades (if your brigade is not listed, or if you are unclear, you can contact your local brigade) from a dropdown box, or donate to the RFS general fund (like above).

If you are unsure on the fire brigade, please donate to the RFS general fund.

QLD Fire And Rescue

Donate funds
Donate items

Country Fire Authority (CFA VIC)

Donate to the RFS through bank transfer, there is a set bank account they have set up:

CFA Brigades Donations Fund Country Fire Authority Public Fund
Account Name: CFA Brigades Donation Fund
BSB: 063 225
Account: 1022 0603
Branch: Forest Hill – 23 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill Vic 3131
Account Name: Country Fire Authority Public Fund
BSB: 063 225
Account: 1022 2326
Branch: Forest Hill – 23 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill Vic 3131

Country Fire Service (South Australia)

Donate funds
Leave a bequest

Redcross – Disaster Relief & Recovery

Donating to the Redcross will aid with the following:

  • train staff, aid workers and volunteers to be ready to respond as soon as a disaster strikes in Australia and overseas
  • teach and support communities in disaster-prone regions to better prepare for disasters
  • help affected communities to recover from emergencies – in outback towns, metropolitan cities or small Pacific islands – whether you hear about it in the news or not
  • train and send specialist aid workers to assist local Red Cross volunteers and staff in countries affected by major disasters
  • maintain stocks of critical disaster response equipment including water filtration, shelter, hygiene and cooking kits for use in emergencies.

Donate to help our wildlife:

It’s not just us humans that are struggling with these fires. Our wildlife are dying and are being deprived of their shelter, food and water. They are helpless out there, they need our help.

Image 9.JPG





Koalas In Care

Image 13.JPG

Every little bit helps.

Thank you for reading!

Speak soon.




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5 thoughts on “Australia Is Burning, Here Is How You Can Help

  1. Tweeting your blog post out. Nothing I can say that isn’t already obvious, but I’m so sad this is happening. So grateful for bloggers such as yourself who educate and reach out for your people on your own, especially if the government isn’t taking action.

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