2020 Journal & It’s Benefits

Hey everyone,

For Christmas my CEO tends to provide a gift card each year for every employee. This year, I put it the gift card to good use.

I had my eye on bullet journal ideas for a while, but I have never been a fan of bullet style pages and I have always much preferred to have a blank page to go nuts on.

After umming and ahhing about the idea, I decided to just give it a go.

Last year I used the bees knees out of my diary planner at work, and I was feeling at a loss for 2020 because I didn’t have anything in the pipework.

My husband took me to a office supply store where I goggled at numerous journals and different styles before settling on purchasing a simple blank art sketchbook (I figured it would help not make ink bleed through the pages) and a faux leather-bound sleeve for it to slip it into. This is now my 2020 journal!

I have decided to turn this journal into a project within itself, rather than just using it simplistically.

My plan is to let myself get creative, use colourful pens and markers and let my mind run wild while scheduling and planning out the year. I want to make it a place I go to regularly for everything and anything.

So far, it has indeed proven to be a project.

When I purchased the book and the sleeve for it to go into, I got home and the spiral binder wouldn’t fit. My husband and I were adamant it fit in the store! I had to remove the binder and use some of my spare wool to stitch the spine back together for it to then fit in the leather-bound sleeve. Threading wool through those small holes where the binder was previously was unimaginably frustrating.

I then had to figure out what I want to include in the journal, what type of cover I want to go for, and what the hell I was going to do for layout.

I had to plan the planner.

I’m still not completely finished with thoughts on what I want to put in it, I’ve left a lot of room on my index page so I can continue to add to it as it grows.

Trying to let yourself get creative and have free reign of colourful pens and markers is actually surprisingly hard. I felt like everything looked silly, I was incredibly harsh and being a perfectionist because I didn’t think it was good enough to share with anyone online. It took me a while before I realised, who cares? As long as I’m enjoying it and having fun, what is the problem?

I’m not talented with calligraphy, I don’t know when a marker is too thick before putting it to the paper and I also have no idea how to draw the majority of things that I would like to put down on a blank sheet of paper, but I try and I enjoy doing so.

Tonight I worked on the finance section for my journal.

I have planned out my January, February and March billing dates and totals with much more to go.

You will be surprised how helpful it is to have it all written down and laid out in front of you for a month’s worth of billing totals and dates.

I plan on sharing some of my journal pages and ideas with you all, but for now I just felt like talking about it and how beneficial it is!

It’s fun, helpful and very rewarding to work on. I highly encourage you to give a 2020 journal a go, even if you’re one to put things down for a while before picking them back up because it might help you to be more involved and in touch with making routines and it can help if you schedule journalling time in your week.

I’m looking forward to showing you guys more!

I hope you are all having a great week.

Speak soon readers

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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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