Preparing For Bub – They Arrive Next Month!

I repeat – the arrival of our bub is next month.

I say arrival as if they will be just delivered to the doorstep, oh boy – if only it was that easy. Am I right ladies and gents?

Time has absolutely flown. People say the last trimester takes it’s own damn time, I am starting to believe that in regards to the aches and pains I’m getting but at the same time I am in utter disbelief that next month I will have a baby here with my hubby and I at home. Gah.

Bring on the whispering to each other to not wake the baby! It will feel like we are up to no good in the early hours of the morning.

So, how are we going preparation wise? Well, we’ve been ready since only a few months into learning we were expecting. Not kidding, the delivery man at our home was so used to delivering parcels at our house while we were at work that the one time my husband was sick at home he answered the door and the delivery man was shocked to see someone home. My husband realised it was then that we had an Amazon online shopping addiction.

When my work threw me a baby shower, they were all disappointed in me because they wanted to purchase special items but I had already bought everything so they just tried to find things that they could. I have to say, they did a wonderful job – there were items that we had not bought yet and they were just as thrilled as we were!

Materialistic preparation we are absolutely fine. Mental preparation, probably not so much.

I don’t think either of us are truly ready but who is? We are impatient to meet them, yes, but are we truly ready to be parents for the rest of our lives? We are nervous to have complete and utter responsibility of this tiny little human being that will rely on us. There will no longer be quiet time, me time, us time, or all of those 3. Things are going to be different, priorities will be shifted. It will be a new pathway to go down together. We are so, so excited to become parents but we are nervous as we have never done anything like this before. How will we be? How will we develop our traits as parents – will one of us be stricter than the other? We have never done anything like this.

No life experience can prepare you to raise a human being. We won’t be perfect, but we will be us. We will give it absolutely everything, and I am so thrilled that I get such an opportunity to do this. To be able to grow a human in my own body, I have never been more amazed at my bodies capabilities. It’s what we are designed to do, yes, but it doesn’t make it any less wonderful.

This pregnancy has been challenging, scary at times, and brought special moments too.

I am prepared to do my best to deliver this baby to the best of my abilities, but I will be sad to say goodbye to my pregnant ‘me’. I struggle to prepare myself to say goodbye to it, because it is quite special. The kicks and movements are lovely, and you never truly feel alone. It’s a time just for you and bub, it feels nice to have some selfish time with my baby just with me for these months. Soon it won’t be just me and bub anymore, that, I will struggle with.

In just a few weeks time I will get to hold them, I can’t wait to hear their first cry. I can’t wait to feel the touch of their skin and look into their eyes. You see what they look like on an ultrasound, but you don’t truly get to see them, just a scan. I wonder what they actually look like, I wonder who they will be and what they will bring to this world.

I can’t wait to nurture them and show them how much I love them for every single day of their life.

See you soon, bub


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

5 thoughts on “Preparing For Bub – They Arrive Next Month!

  1. Embrace it all – it really is totally life-affirming. You will be brilliant I’m sure – but as much as you think you are ready for it, you will not be ready for the overwhelming sense of responsibility and the overpowering feeling of love. Enjoy the ride!

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    1. Thanks so much, this was really encouraging. How’s being a grandparent? Probably a lot more fun! You get all the joys with less responsibility so you can hand them back over at the end of the day 😀


  2. Awww congrats to you and hubby! Pregnancy, birthing, parenting; it’s all full of excitement and can be scary a lot of times. I believe you will be amazing parents! Here’s to a healthy delivery and peaceful recovery 🥂 (sparkling cider is in these flukes 😉😂).

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