Girl Of The Sea – Poem by Lilac Willow

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share with you this poem. It has such a magical, mystical feeling to it that makes me long for the sea in such a beautiful way. This swept me off of my seat, I hope it does the same for you. 

Thank you


Moonlight shimmers and stars sparkle bright

But she looks down in sadness, holding her tail tight

She wants so much more, and to no longer be hidden

But with the laws of her kind, her wish is forbidden

She wants to walk on the land and to swim in the sea

To live among them, free of restrictions, totally carefree

She wonders about love, with the one her heart saw

When he swims and laughs with the others onshore

She had called to him just once, when he was young

It was the first time to a human, her song had been sung

He turned and looked, but her, he could not see

Her tears burned and her heart was heavy, she wanted to flee

But she called again, closer now, so close they could touch

Yet still, his eyes searched beyond her, her dream escaped her clutch

Her mother had hoped she’d learn from her pain

But she continued to watch him time and time again

He is older now, and more beautiful than ever

To touch him, to hold him, her heart breaks with the word never

Her longing is a weight, that is heavy to hold

She often swims out so deep, to where the ocean is ice cold

Hoping to be swept away, into the nothingness of beyond

Where her heart is not yearning for such a forbidden bond

But the tide always brings her home, to her rocks and her pools

To her life of nighttime beauty, and its heart-shattering rules

Written by Lilac Willow






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