A Letter To My Teenage Self

Hi there,

If I tell you exactly where you are right now and what has/is happening in your life, you would become far too impatient and try to force it to happen too quickly.That would result in none of this happening! It would wreck everything. So, unfortunately you will be getting no spoilers here.

All that I can say is, you will often find yourself looking back on when you would be woken up for school with a warm cup of coffee (which was made just the way you like it) by papa bear every morning. Treasure every sip while you can, because as you get older you end up doing these things yourself.

I don’t want you to change who you are because being who you are got us where we are today. The road was/will be tough for you, but smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. It is worth it, what you go through is absolutely worth the reward at the finish line but even then we aren’t done yet. We are only at the beginning.

People are going to suck, but that is life. Embrace it. You aren’t as horrible of a person as you think you are, you do treat our mother terrible though. Be kinder to her.

It may be hard for you to believe but you do age. It does happen, I know – unbelievable. High school does actually end. You may not believe there is an end to it all, but life goes on whether you like it or not.

You will like it.


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

10 thoughts on “A Letter To My Teenage Self

  1. Aww, that’s actually really sweet. When i was a teen, i used to write to my future self using this site called dearfutureme. I don’t know how i stumbled across it but 8 years later, i got my first email from my little teen self and it may make me cringe a little but it’s fun to see where i was then and where i am now. Keep thriving!

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      1. That’s so amazing! It’s sort of like a time capsule isn’t it? I feel like we should write something for ourselves to read in 5 years or so now! Just to see how different things can be 🤔😀


  2. Brilliant! I love the ‘no spoilers’ attitude. Perfect. I have never written myself a letter, I have never kept a diary, but I have written my whole life and I have kept it all. Sometimes I go back through old boxes – when people really did buy stuff – and find myself smiling, because it is written by somebody else; somebody I barely remember. I have no recollection of whether they saw me coming…

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    1. That is so cool, I have that feeling with cards and things like that. Even just seeing well wishes, Christmas cards, old things you have received from people in the past – it is so strange. It almost is like you completely don’t recognise that time in your life. It’s so odd, it’s lovely but it’s just odd!

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  3. Aw this was so sweet, your younger self would be so ecstatic to read this. I love that your dad would wake you up with a coffee & I think we all wish to have treated our mothers better as teens. 😛 Beautifully written!!

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