A Recent Life Lesson You Have Learned (Blogging Challenge)

Good morning readers,

Happy day 10 of the 15 Day Blogging Challenge. If you would like to join in, please read more here.

A Recent Life Lesson You Have Learned

I wouldn’t say this is a life lesson that I have learned, but a life lesson that has come to my attention and that I am going to continue to work on over the next few weeks to learn it. That lesson is, sometimes, I just can’t control the outcome of things.

I don’t like to feel powerless in situations, but I feel like I have really learned recently that a lot of things in life are out of your control and you cannot control how things are going to turn out. As much as you try to hold onto the ropes and try your best to control what will happen, sometimes it just won’t turn out the way you wanted it to.

It’s a life lesson that I am going to need to factor in and really understand over the next few weeks. There will be many things that I won’t be able to take control of, mainly with my labour and then as well learning to deal with a newborn in life.

There may be nothing that goes the way I want it to, or it may go that way entirely. Who knows, right? It is just life, and you need to roll with the punches. Life is going to do what it wants.

What is a recent life lesson that you have learned?

If you are joining in, link me to your post on your blog or feel free to answer in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Speak soon readers and fellow bloggers!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

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