3 Things That Make You Smile (Blogging Challenge)

Good morning!

Welcome to day 14 of the 15 Day Blogging Challenge. If you would like to join in, please read more here.

3 Things That Make You Smile?

For this blogging challenge, I thought that I would do something a little different. I decided to use 3 photos for the 3 things that make me smile.

3 Photos Of 3 Things That Make Me Smile

My husband when he smiles. It just fills me with complete joy, and I can’t help but smile too. There’s something so beautiful about seeing a loved one smile. For me, it makes me instantly smile no matter how I am feeling. I can be angry or upset about something, but as soon as someone I love smiles I just smile and blow my cover. I love when my husband smiles, there is truly nothing else that I would rather see.
This is a photo of when my indoor cat first experienced outdoors, this photo always fills me with insane happiness and brings a smile to my face. We have a closed off courtyard, so it is safe for him to explore in as he is strictly an indoor cat and has been raised that way. We used to live in the city in an apartment so it was unsafe to get him used to being outdoors, and from then on we struggled with the idea of letting him outside because it is something that he has never experienced we were unsure if it was safe. However, when we moved to the unit we live in now and saw that we had a closed off courtyard we thought that it would be fantastic for him. This photo is from his first experience being outdoors, in this photo you can see this is when he looked up to the sky, he must have felt the warmth from the sun from above and just wanted to look at it. He was so happy. We stayed outside with him and just watched him roll around and play with bugs. It was amazing seeing him just absolutely love being outside in the sunshine.
Being pregnant makes me smile. I know I look like a huge chunky munchkin, or as my dad likes to say ‘an egg’ – I feel the happiest I have ever felt in my life. Every day I wake up with a purpose, and once bub is here I am still going to carry that sense of purpose. I have no excuses, I have to get things done and I have to get out of bed every day because I’ll have a little human being that needs me. When I feel movements, I smile. Not so much these days now that bub is too small for their enclosed space, but when they were a little bit smaller it was so cute and it made me smile. Now when bub moves and flips, I smile with an “Ouch” following closely afterwards.

What are 3 things that make you smile? 

If you are joining in, link me to your post on your blog or feel free to answer in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Speak soon readers and fellow bloggers!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

5 thoughts on “3 Things That Make You Smile (Blogging Challenge)

  1. This was so beautiful! Love what you said about your husband’s smile & your kitty looks so happy outside. Ours are strictly indoor too but we let them roam around on the balcony sometimes. 😊 Can’t wait to meet your little bub!!!


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