15 Day Blogging Challenge Wrap Up

Good morning everyone!

There we have it, the 15 Day Blogging Challenge has just come to an end. We had a few people join us along the way, the bloggers who contributed to this challenge are listed below.

The bloggers that partook in writing the daily challenge posts:

The bloggers that partook in the comments section of the daily challenge posts:

Thank you to those that joined in on the comments section, you made it feel like a lovely little community that we had going during the 15 days and it was wonderful for those who shared their own information and bits and pieces about themselves in relation to the daily challenges.

It was really great working on this together, and those who wrote the daily challenge posts on their own blogs worked really hard. I absolutely loved visiting you all every day and having my breakfast while reading what you came up with. It was so much fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As discussed in the announcement of the 7 Days 7 Posts challenge coming up in the next few days, I have created you guys a little badge for participating in the 15 Day Blogging Challenge!

Please see the 15 Day Blogger Badge below.

This is a token of appreciation for all your time and effort. It may be fun to pop somewhere on your blog to showcase the 15 posts that you worked so hard on, or just to keep saved somewhere as a reminder of your hard work and dedication for your blogging..

Badge 1

I just wanted to give you all a token as it isn’t easy writing strictly to a schedule for 15 days. It gets hard by the end, even I was struggling to remain motivated by the 15th day but I absolutely loved getting them out there and it was really nice to feel proud of what I was writing.

The posts that I have written for the 15 Day Blogging Challenge are listed below in case you haven’t had a chance to read them all:

15 Day Blogging Challenge Details

Day 1 – What is your favourite quote and why?
Day 2 – What makes you happy and why?
Day 3 – What are you most afraid of and why?
Day 4 – What do you see, hear and smell right now?
Day 5 – Top 3 things that you love about blogging
Day 6 – First memory that comes to your mind
Day 7 – Meet my pet/pets
Day 8 – A typical lazy day for you looks like…
Day 9 – Favourite season
Day 10 – A recent life lesson you have had
Day 11 – A paranormal experience you have had
Day 12 – Who inspires you the most?
Day 13 – Write about your hobbies
Day 14 – 3 things that make you smile
Day 15 – Why/when did you start blogging

If you can, please check out the bloggers that participated in the daily challenge and have a read of their 15 daily posts as well because they are absolutely incredible. As mentioned, the bloggers that participated in the daily challenge are:

If you are interested in participating in the 7 Days 7 Posts, feel free to read the announcement here with the details. I will be posting the post topics in the next few days, however you will be able to read the proper details in the post I have linked.

Thank you so much to all those that participated in the challenge, it was so much fun and I look forward to seeing those who choose to join in on the next one shortly!

If you have just come across the 15 Day Blogging Challenge, please go ahead and give it a go. Let me know in the 15 Day Blogging Challenge post that you are giving it a go, and be sure to keep me up to date with your posts so that I can comment and share some love to your posts as you work through it.

That’s about all for now folks, I hope you all have a great day.

Speak soon!



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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

14 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Thank you! This was lovely and I can’t wait to join up for the next one. I put up the badge on my featured page. Is it silly that I’m quite proud of that one day I was able to post? IDK but this made me smile.


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