Write About A Day That You Will Never Forget (7 Days 7 Posts)

Good morning!

How are we all today? I hope everyone is doing well! Today marks day 3 of our 7 Days 7 Posts challenge. If you would like to join in, please see here.

Today’s writing topic is: Write about a day that you will never forget

I could write about so many days that I will never forget. Meeting my husband for the very first time, our wedding day, the day I found out I was pregnant, all kinds of days that are just things that you will never forget. It made me think about how many memories I really do have, wow!


I decided to tackle the day I met my husband for the very first time. I have written about my pregnancy here, and our wedding here. So it’s only fitting to go for the one left out, how we met! It’s been a few years, so I’ll try my best to get it all down correctly. Who knows, our child may read this in the future so I want to get it as good as I can!

The Day When I First Saw You

I was frantic all morning trying to decide what to wear for my first day as a Service Technician. I was so excited to have been selected for this role, and what little did I know – you actually had a lot to do with it as you had approved of my resume that I provided to the manager. (No, my husband wasn’t the CEO or anything 50 Shades Of Grey here, his opinion was just well respected in the company)

When I arrived at the store, I was introduced to everyone in the store front and to the technicians out the back. I was advised that I would be out on the store front while I did my training, and then I was to be moved out into the back with the technicians. (Well, that’s what they promised, it never happened. My job ended up with me managing the store front by myself by the end there)

The beginning of the day was great. I was learning everything quite quickly, I loved speaking with the customers who needed help with troubleshooting their IT related problems. I got along well with the staff members who were working with me out the front.


I had this continual feeling of disappointment though, I felt like I was hoping to see someone who caught my eye. When you are single, you know what I mean. You sort of hope that you are going to stumble across that one person that takes your breath away. No matter where you are or who you are, you just have that internal hope, and I certainly did.

As the morning carried out, I was swept away with my duties and began to forget of any hope that I had. That was until my manager called my name and asked me to come over. I stopped doing what I was doing and I walked over to my manager to see a handsome fellow with him.

“Myles, this is our new staff member, Jess. Jess, this is the most handsome man in the company.” No joke, that is literally what my manager said. He couldn’t have been more right.

I remember instantly being shy, we both awkwardly waved to one another and then I carried on with what I was doing. I was immediately sparked with a feeling that I have never felt before in my heart and my mind.

‎4‎ ‎June‎ ‎2017

My manager took Myles out back, and I was continually on the look out for when he came back. I wanted to see him again. He ended up leaving the store to go back to the main office which was a street across from the store, and later that day a lady from my store brought me up to the main office where I was internally nervous because I was wondering if he would be there.

She introduced me to everyone in the main office, and Myles was there. He smiled at me, and I nearly died inside. There was just something about him. It makes me smile thinking about now, how cute were we?

While the lady was talking to someone else in the office, I took a seat close near Myles (I’m such a creep) and I just silently sat while waiting. A staff member sitting near Myles greeted me and asked me questions, which seemed to have caught Myles’ attention as he joined in politely and occasionally said a word or two. We both were way too shy for this kind of life.

Anyway, later on in that day Myles came back to the store and hung around. He stayed out in the store front, trying to look busy on his laptop and asking me if I knew much about certain things and I would answer honestly.


We began talking about bits and pieces, and when he was leaving for the day he slipped me his card and he asked me to contact him if I ever needed anything. Almost immediately after he left the shop that afternoon, I texted him. I didn’t need anything, I just played it off like I was giving him my number in case he needed to contact me. My heart was filled with curiosity and excitement. I just knew. I knew that he was.. it.
The rest is history.

What is a day that you will never forget?

If you have decided to join in, please link your post below in the comments for us all to come read what you have created and share you some love.

Thank you!


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My name is Jessica. I'm a twenty something year old woman with a beautiful husband, a crazy cat and a bub. You can find me on Instagram/Twitter @daysixtyfive.

14 thoughts on “Write About A Day That You Will Never Forget (7 Days 7 Posts)

  1. I love this story. So much more romantic than my husband’s and my first time meeting. By the way, can I still jump in on this challenge if I skipped yesterday’s topic? I seriously had no idea what to write on that one.

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