Reflection Of Sound

Your heartbeat echoes through my mind.
Each beat soothing my fears,
Whilst you rest.
Your pulse crashes like waves,
As I trace your goosebumps like a maze.
Sweet silence consumes my thoughts,
As your voice pulsates through my ink like electricity.
My muse.


Projection Of Reality

Time cease to exist,
When you experience ones combustion of a souls first kiss.
An ocean of star dust sweeps away understanding of oneself.
Holes punctured within the sky overhead,
Suctioning grounding amongst the universe.
Skin aching for such touch,
Spreading through blood thirsty bones.
As if my mind had reborn.

Eternal Craving

Hesitant at the pace,
Begging for just one more spared gaze,
Well – it makes my heart race.
When a smile spreads across your face,
My stomach ties like a shoelace.
Your eyes are such a lure,
How are you ever so pure?
For the first time my thoughts have become a cure.
Closing my eyes,
Your lips are all that I can taste.
There is no escape,
Nor do I want to.
I will crave you until my lips turn blue,
As this world has few like you.
I no longer fear what is left of me,
If with me – is where you will forever be.
You are yet to see,
That I will never flee.
I have never been one to stay,
But next to you is where I will forever lay.